New Ahmaud Arbery cop bodycam shows slain jogger being arrested for trying to steal 65in TV from Walmart in 2017 – The Sun

NEWLY released police bodycam video shows Ahmaud Arbery being handcuffed and arrested after being accused of trying to steal a 65-inch television.

The clip shows Arbery and three teenagers being confronted by cops in the parking lot of a Walmart on December 1, 2017.

Police released the video after Ahmaud was shot while jogging on February 23 in Brunswick, Geogia.

Footage shows a cop approach the four and demand "tell me about the TV".

Ahmaud – wearing shorts and a parka – replies: "TV? What? We don't have any TV."

The cop then orders the four to take a seat on the ground as Ahmaud continues to deny any knowledge.

Another man approaches the officer and singles out Ahmaud, saying "its that one right there with the fur jacket".

Ahmaud then claims he has a receipt and tries to get up from the ground, but he is forced to lie on his stomach and placed in handcuffs.

He and the three teenager are then taken to the back of the store and into a rear office.

The Associated Press reports court records show Ahmaud pleaded guilty to trying to steal a television and was sentenced to five years on probation.

Cops released the new video after footage also emerged for Ahmaud in a confrontation with police while in a park.

Video from November 2017 shows an officer approaching him as he is sitting alone in his car.

The cop attempts to shock him with a Taser, but the device fails to deploy and he is ordered to get on the ground.

Ahmaud was eventually allowed to go but told not to drive as his license had expired.

Family lawyers have said the video shows how he was "harassed" by local officers in the years before he was killed with a shotgun.

Ex-cop Gregory McMichael and his son Travis are accused of fatally shooting Ahmaud while he was out jogging as they are said to have been hunting a burglar.

The Glynn County Police Department has come under worldwide scrutiny after it took them more than two months to arrest the McMichaels.

They faced no charges at the time after a local prosecutor who had worked with former law enforcement officer Gregory said the killing was justified.

Video released by Ahmaud's family shows he was chased for more than four minutes before being shot twice at close range during a scuffle.

The dad and son now face a murder trial after the case came to global attention.

Donald Trump called the video "very disturbing" and the mayor of Atlanta called it a "lynching".

The McMichaels have said they pursued him because they believed he matched the description of a burglar wanted for break-ins in the area.

Gregory has also claimed that Ahmaud attacked Travis before the gun was fired.

A judge from outside the district has been brought in to oversee their trial.

It also emerged Gregory's daughter Lindsay posted a bloody photo of the killing scene on Snapchat.

She told The Sun Online there was no malicious intent and it was only because she is a "true crime fan".

Ahmaud's dad as said his son was "hunted like an animal" – saying: "If he committed a crime, why don’t you call the authorities?".

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