Neighbour of missing student Libby Squire, 21, heard ‘blood-curdling screams' and a gate slam the night she vanished

The cries, at 12.30am on Friday, were so terrifying they made the woman sit up in bed and say: “Oh my God.”

Just 45 minutes earlier, 21-year-old Libby was filmed on CCTV 100 yards away on a bench near her digs in Hull, East Yorkshire.

The neighbour said: “We get a lot of students who use this road as a cut-through. They go past shouting and singing. It’s not unusual.

“But this made us sit up. It sounded like someone being attacked, it was blood-curdling.

“It was just one female scream. I was in bed reading and it made me sit up and go, ‘Oh my God.’

“Then we heard other voices muttering and then more screams. Then we heard the slamming of a wooden door or gate.”

The woman has reported what she heard to police.

It is breaking my heart not knowing where you are

Meanwhile Libby’s parents Lisa and Russell made an emotional video appeal for help in finding the philosophy and religion student.

Lisa, 48, said: “Libby, my darling pie. We just want to know that you are safe.

“The whole family is missing you, especially me and your dad, sisters and brother.

"It is breaking my heart not knowing where you are. I love you more.”

Russell, 53, added: “Libby is our kind, thoughtful, beautiful girl. We just want her home.”

The couple, from High Wycombe, Bucks, spoke as a police marine unit used inflatable boats and underwater cameras to search Hull’s Barmston Drain.

Other officers searched on land and continued to piece together Libby’s movements.

Everyone is scared. Everyone is still worried for her

Student Tom Wilkinson, 20, a pal of Libby's flatmate Chloe Wise, said: "Students are going about in pairs.

"If you see someone having a couple of drinks on their own you feel obliged to take them home with you.

"Everyone is scared. Everyone is still worried for her.

"No one feels safe when they go on a night out.

"As students we go out a lot but it's scary thinking you can't even get a taxi back and be safe."

Louisa Amasanti, 20, said: "It's scary and surreal. No one is going anywhere alone.

"Everyone has all kinds of theories but people seem to think she wandered off somewhere and fell somehow."

Libby's school pal Abby Long posted a picture of them together as kids on Twitter, writing: 'I miss you, please come home.

"Please please help bring my oldest friend, who I’ve known since day one of primary school, home safe and sound. I miss her so so much."

It’s shook the whole community living around here

Lauren Goodman, who has been a close friend for more than a decade, said: "Huge thank you to everyone in their efforts so far.

"I hope I speak for everyone in saying that we are not giving up until our Spud is found."

Chloe Wise said: "Libby is still out there somewhere. Please if you know anything at all don’t hesitate to contact police."

Resident Kay Lashley said: “I live around here and I’ve been out walking my dog every day and searching for Libby, as many of us round here are.

"What’s happened is absolutely devastating and it’s shook the whole community living around here, I mean, how could it not.

"Every day we are looking, but as the days go by it’s just less and less likely she is found. I really hope she is found soon though, just so the poor family can have some closure.”


On Thursday at 11pm, after she’d been drinking heavily, Libby was turned away from the Welly Club and put in a taxi home.

Later she was seen staggering outside her house in Wellesley Avenue and sitting on the bench on the corner of Beverley Road and Haworth Street.

Police ask anyone with information to contact them.

A spokeswoman for Humberside Police said they were following up leads – including the neighbour’s reports of screaming.

She said: “We have received 100s of calls from members of the public offering information and their assistance and we are extremely grateful for everyone’s help.

“Our house to house enquiries are continuing and we are visiting residents to speak to people and take statements as part of the ongoing investigation.”

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