Mum whose 13-month-old baby girl drowned in bath 'during 50-minute phone call to lover didn't think anything bad would happen'

Sarah Morris, 35, is on trial for manslaughter after one-year-old Rosie drowned while playing unsupervised with her twin.

A jury at Mold crown court heard how Morris chatted to her lover as the two children sat in a 1ft deep bath at their flat in Holywell, North Wales, on July 29 2015.

Morris denies gross negligence manslaughter, and child cruelty by neglect.

Sarah claimed she didn't think anything bad would happen if she left the kids unsupervised.

Prosecuting, Oliver Saxby QC, told the court she treated the bath "like a play pen."

He said: “Neither baby had any sort of child support in the bath to help prop them up.”

Neither baby had any sort of child support in the bath to help prop them up

He added that the call with Morris’s partner Sarah Swindells lasted 47 minutes and there was no doubt that on occasions Morris checked on her twins.

He said: "For periods of this 47 minutes she wasn’t supervising them at all. At one stage the defendant went in her bedroom while on her phone and had a cigarette out of the window."

When the telephone conversation ended, Morris went to check on the girls and discovered Rosie had drowned.

Mr Saxby added that a minute or so later Morris telephoned pal Jemma Egerton.

He said: “The defendant was hysterical. She said Rosie wasn’t breathing.

"The defendant said she had just found Rosie in the bath. Jemma Egerton told her to try CPR and call the emergency services.” But Morris didn’t phone the emergency services."

Rosie was later taken by ambulance to Glan Clwyd Hospital but declared dead.

Sarah said: "Rosie was shouting ‘mum’ all the time. I kept going to them.

"She was looking at me with this cheeky smile and shaking her head. I loved them to bits."

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