Mother who attacked three BA cabin crew must wear anti-booze bracelet

Single mother, 47, who attacked three BA cabin crew and told one ‘You have a massive a***’ must wear anti-booze bracelet while she waits to learn if she will be jailed

  • Emma Langford admitted attacking British Airways cabin crew on Boeing 747
  • The 47-year-old from Old Basing, Hampshire, kicked and punched cabin crew
  • She has been ordered to wear an alcohol detection bracelet known as SCRAM 
  • She has been released on unconditional bail and case adjourned to January 31

A single mother-of-two who attacked British Airways cabin crew in a drunken rage must wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet while she awaits sentencing.  

Emma Langford admitted attacking BA staff on the Boeing 747 flight to Cape Town in South Africa, punching the manager and kicking another in the back of the legs while screaming: ‘You have a massive ar*e.’

The 47-year-old, from the upmarket Hampshire village of Old Basing, then tipped out a tray of plates and some glasses on the floor, which smashed, cutting another member of crew.

Emma Langford (left and right), 47, from Old Basing, Hampshire leaving Isleworth Crown Court after her case was adjourned until January 31. Langford admitted attacking BA staff on the Boeing 747 flight to Cape Town in South Africa in December 2018. Pictured arriving at court today

She was eventually restrained by an off-duty police officer on the flight before being carried off the plane when it touched down in Cape Town on December 6 2018.  

The out-of-control mother was arrested when the plane touched down and admitted three counts of assault at Ealing Magistrates’ Court. She could face up to two years in prison. 

Isleworth Crown Court heard how Langford, as part of matters relating to the custody of her two young sons, is now accompanied by a woman who observes her 24 hours a day to ensure she does not drink alcohol.

She is also to wear a SCRAM bracelet, a device that is able to detect alcohol in the system every half an hour.

Langford was eventually restrained by an off-duty police officer on the Boeing 747 before being carried off the plane when it touched down in Cape Town on December 6 2018 (file image)

Both the prosecutor and defence sought to adjourn the matter for a pre-sentence report to be completed and for the court to receive a letter from her psychiatrist.

Prosecutor Douglas Adams said: ‘Ms Langford was on a British Airways flight to Cape Town, South Africa, when she assaulted three members of the cabin crew, broke crockery and glassware, and behaved in a threatening way to several members of the cabin crew.

‘She was flying to South Africa to attend a rehabilitation centre to seek treatment for her addiction.

‘She has two recent convictions for drinking and driving.’

Guy Wyatt, defending Langford, said: ‘It’s a mystery why no one prior to this hearing made a pre-sentence report.

‘There are mental health difficulties and a serious history of alcohol abuse at play here.

‘It’s my application for a full pre-sentence report to be completed. I acknowledge the case law is severe. It makes it clear that it’s a rare thing for anything other than a custodial sentence.

‘An immediate custodial sentence is the starting point.

‘This lady had a plan to go to an alcohol rehabilitation centre. It’s not been a story of success, unfortunately.

‘In the next few days, she’s going to be fitted with a SCRAM bracelet. It may be in the interest of the criminal courts to order this be observed.

‘The bracelet has a sensor that reads alcohol in the sweat and makes a report every 30 minutes.

‘It arose from family proceedings of custody of her two children. She has two young sons.

‘The court will be assisted to see the observations of this bracelet, consulting reports of her psychiatrist and evidence from her sober companion.

‘She lives at her home, and is with her 24 hours a day.

‘If anyone can come back from this, it’s this lady.’ 

At Langford’s previous hearing at Ealing Magistrates Court on December 4, her actions were deemed ‘so serious’ that she must be sentenced at a crown court.

Recorder Joseph Boothby said: ‘It seems to me that you have a background and history the court will want to know before I consider the extreme measure of sentencing you to prison.

‘You will be back here on 31 January. You will be released on unconditional bail, the same as you were before.’

Langford, who wore a light blue top, navy jumper, and skinny black jeans, only spoke to confirm her name, age, nationality. 

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