Mom's tribute to 'angel' son, 3, mauled to death by dogs after falling 10ft from window

A MOM has paid tribute to her three-year-old boy who was reportedly killed when he plunged from a third-story window and was then mauled by his family's pet dogs.

Nasha Soto, 23, was speaking after her son was mauled to death by her family’s pitbulls after falling 10ft from a rear window in the family's Elizabeth, New Jersey home.

In a heartbreaking Facebook tribute, mother-of-three Nasha wrote:"The worst thing that a parent can go through is having to give their sweet Angel back to Heaven".

The post on Friday appeared beside a drawing of a baby angel.

The dogs, which neighbors identified as pit bulls, have since been taken by a local animal control organization.

City officials are planning to euthanize them, according to NJ Adve Media. 

Friends and family have sent words of comfort to Nasha.

One wrote:”Sending my condolences and prayers to you and your family.

“May God give you the strength to find some type of comfort especially for your babies. Never forget that you have the most precious angel in heaven. 

“May his little soul rest in paradise.”

Another said: “Only Jesus can heal your heart mamas. I pray that God gives you the strength to wake up everyday and be strong for your little ones and husband.

“I pray that you heal and know that none of this was your fault. I pray that God brings blessings from here on out to you and your family! Amen!”

Police arrived shortly before 5.30pm on Wednesday to the home to find the boy badly injured.

The little lad had a neck injury from the fall and bite wounds on his body from the dogs, according to RLS Media.

A nearby neighbor said she heard a bang and someone yelling “help! No stop, no stop!”.

A man was seen running to the front of the house carrying the bleeding infant.

Another neighbor said the dogs were aggressive and would often be seen “jumping and barking when she walked past the home”.

In March a similar incident occurred in New Jersey when Aziz Ahmed died and his mother was hospitalized with serious injuries after their neighbor's two pit bulls attacked the.

Neighbors told ABC7NY that the three-year-old boy, whose family just moved there from Brooklyn, was playing in the backyard when the two dogs somehow got underneath the fence.

Both dogs were reportedly shot by cops.

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