Meghan Markle's favorite hotel infested with rats

EXCLUSIVE: Meghan Markle’s NYC baby shower hotel The Mark is slammed over RATS ‘spotted in its caviar restaurant’

  • The Mark’s Caviar Kaspia restaurant has been slammed over rats 
  • A mom-and-daughter enjoying a costly meal saw rodents under a table
  • Staff admitted to that the restaurant had battled rat problems 

The luxury NYC hotel which held Meghan Markle’s infamous baby shower has been slammed after alleged rat sightings in its caviar restaurant. 

A mom and daughter dining at The Mark on Manhattan’s Upper East Side last week told that they spotted two huge rodents shuffling under a table just feet away from them.

The horrified pair were eating a $500 lunch at the Caviar Kaspia restaurant at the time. It specializes in luxurious fish roe dishes and charges up to $1,100 for a baked potato topped with caviar.

‘It was just awful. We were having a mother, daughter lunch. We dined on potato with caviar and a glass of champagne each,’ one of the women, who wished to remain anonymous, told

‘We were enjoying it and having a nice time. We then had a sorbet as a palate cleanser, after that we planned to go shopping. Next thing, my daughter gasped and shouted out there were two rats sitting under a table four feet away from us.’

‘We were in the front area, and I jumped up – there were two other women seated at another table who were equally horrified.’

Two New York socialites have claimed they have seen rats at New York’s luxurious Upper East Side Hotel, The Mark where Meghan Markle held her $500K baby shower

This exclusive photo shows what appear to be rat droppings scattered over the floor of The Mark’s Caviar Kaspia restaurant

The snaps, taken on Wednesday, came as staff at the establishment admitted to that The Mark had recently battled a rodent problem 

A publicity shot for Caviar Kaspia as it appears on the restaurant’s Instagram page, which promises diners an ‘unforgettable evening’ 

A selection of dishes that appear on the Caviar Kaspia menu, including a caviar-topped baked potato that costs $1,100 

‘A waiter approached as I was getting my phone out to take a picture but stood in front of me before I could do it explaining: ‘Oh I know- it’s a problem in New York, we are very sorry.”

The appalled diner claims the hotel would only take the dessert off their huge bill by way of apology for the stomach-churning sighting. 

And earlier this week, during a visit to the hotel, witnessed what appeared to be multiple droppings scattered across Caviar Kaspia’s deep pile orange carpet.   

During a subsequent chat with staff, one worker was heard admitting the luxurious five-star hotel – whose cheapest room costs $1,000-a-night – had been suffering from a rat issue. 

The worker said: ‘We did have a problem-we were told it was handled.’

They claimed that a pest control firm had been called in to deal with the rodent drama- and said the rodents had come from a nearby construction site.

‘We hired a company they came in and they told us they took care of the entire problem. They said that they were here [Caviar Kaspia] when we were closed overnight. I seen the receipt they did come in and we’ve had no problem since then- it was probably two weeks since they came in.’ 

‘Honestly, I’ve heard of people seeing it, but I haven’t. There’s a lot of construction outside and next door, we share a lot of the vents-we were told [that’s what] the culprit is.’

In recent years the five -star hotel- which has become synonymous with opulence and style- garnered international headlines when Meghan Markle held her controversial $500,000 baby shower at the five-star hotel amongst a slew of A-List friends 

The Art-Deco lobby, with marbled monochrome-striped flooring and bold geometric shapes has become the hotel’s signature style

The hotel supervisor conceded that the sight of rats in at the restaurant was not in keeping with the elegant surroundings: ‘It is disgusting and unacceptable.’ 

The Mark has long been an A-List hangout, known as the official pre-Met Gala hotel where many of those invited to the opulent annual fashion gala get ready.

Its reputation was turbocharged when Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, held her baby shower at the hotel’s $75,000-a-night penthouse in 2019.

The-star studded bash, which cost an estimated $500,000 was attended by luminaries including Amal Clooney, Serena Williams and Meghan’s former best-friend Jessica Mulroney.

Guests were soothed with a performance by harpist Erin Hill while being showered with freebies including roses, cotton candy and suitcases. 

When it was time to return to the UK, Meghan traveled on a private jet courtesy of George and Amal Clooney.  

The Duchess has repeatedly complained about having her privacy invaded and voiced her fears over climate change, with her behavior during the extravaganza triggering allegations of hypocrisy.  

Vogue editor Anna Wintour gets glammed up at the Mark before she makes her annual pilgrimage to host the Met Gala at New York’s Metropolitan Museum

Stunning: Fashion designer Donatella Versace and actress Anne Hathaway shared a joke outside the Mark Hotel earlier this year

Supermodel Karlie Kloss is a Met Gala regular making her annual red carpet debut at The Mark

The Mark Hotel is the go-to for celebrities to get glammed up ahead of their red-carpet debuts at the Met Gala. (Pictured Irina Shayk)

Earlier this year’s celebrities gathered at the Upper East Side hotel for the Met Gala. 

The Mark has been one of the main hotels for Met Gala Attendees for over a decade, with Vogue editor Anna Wintour stepping out on the famed logo’d red carpet in the front of the hotel. 

Actresses Emily Blunt and Cara Delevingne together with supermodel Karlie Kloss all flock to luxury establishment to get glammed up before making their Met Gala debuts.

The iconic 1927 building was transformed into a luxurious retreat by legendary designer Jacques Grange boasts 100 guestrooms and 53 suites. 

A spokeswoman for The Mark said: ‘The Mark takes rodent claims very seriously, and as such has several weekly pest control services come through the property. 

‘While there was a recent complaint from two diners, which our management addressed promptly, there have never been reported sightings from any staff at Caviar Kaspia of rats or mice. 

‘Subsequent visits from our pest control have not verified the presence of any rodents or droppings in Caviar Kaspia.’

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