Meet the blonde vegan bodybuilder turned political candidate

Meet the glamorous blonde fitness fanatic with an award-winning figure she sculpted on a vegan diet – and now she’s set her sights on a seat in parliament

  • Emma Hurst won three bodybuilding competitions without eating any meat
  • The vegan woman is now running as a candidate for the Animal Justice Party
  • She believes the party can help improve the lives of both animals and farmers
  • The NSW state election is scheduled for Saturday, March 23 

Emma Hurst proved her gym mates wrong last year when she took out a bodybuilding competition without eating a single bite of meat. 

And now, the 37-year-old Sydneysider is setting out to ruffle some feathers a second time, using her devotion to animals to fuel her political ambition. 

Ms Hurst is running for a seat as an upper house candidate for the Animal Justice Party in the upcoming state election – and she thinks she’s in with a shot. 

She is one of 53 candidates running for the Animal Justice Party this year, and one of four running for an upper house seat. 

Emma Hurst won a bodybuilding competition in 2018 without eating a single bite of meat

In 2019, the Sydneysider is putting that ambition towards running for NSW parliament 

The party has only had one person elected to parliament, Mark Pearson, and their policies are often viewed as niche.

But Ms Hurst has a track record of succeeding when she puts her mind to something, especially when other people say it’s not possible. 

When she gave bodybuilding a try, she was told nobody on a vegan diet would be able to succeed. 

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‘I got told: ”You’re 37, you’re vegan. You won’t be able to do what we’re doing”, and I thought, ”Yes I can”. I wanted to prove I could,’ she told

Ms Hurst took out three of the four competitions in her age group at the Australasian Natural Bodybuilding competition in NSW that year.  

The registered psychologist said the Australian public were beginning to increasingly understand and agree with the party’s policies, with media attention on poor treatment of animals helping the issue to become more mainstream. 

Ms Hurst was told by members of her gym there was no way she could become a bodybuilder on her strict vegan diet. She won three of the four competitions in her age group at the Australasian Natural Bodybuilding competition in NSW that year

Now, she has joined the Animal Justice Party and is one of four people running for the NSW upper house

‘Our awareness is growing so much, people know what live export is now, the majority of Australians are against the caged egg industry, and the government is refusing to take action against this,’ she said.

She believes the party is not only a good option for animal lovers, but also for anyone who wants to help Australia’s farmers.   

‘We are a political party that cares about people too,’ she said.

‘At the moment there’s too much dairy, milk is too cheap and farmers are struggling.’ 

Ms Hurst says the party is not just for animal rights, but also has policies that would help farmers get through the drought

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