Man who rammed MTA vehicle had ‘kill’ list in his car, feds say

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A crazed man rammed his Jeep into an MTA vehicle earlier this month in the Hudson Valley — and was carrying a notebook with a page labeled “list — to kill,” federal authorities alleged Thursday.

The suspect, Nicholas Skulstad, of Dobbs Ferry, is expected to make an initial court appearance in White Plains federal court Thursday afternoon.

The mayhem kicked off on April 5 near Ossining, when Skulstad allegedly rammed into a marked MTA vehicle from behind, then forced it off the road by repeatedly side swiping it, according to a complaint unsealed Thursday.

He then drove off the road, crashing his car into trees in a nearby wooded area, feds charged.

Skulstad then ran into oncoming traffic while wildly swinging his arms before smashing the driver’s side window of the MTA car, the complaint states.

Ossining cops soon arrived, and Skulstad charged at them while screaming “I’m Jesus Christ! You are going to die today! Are you ready to die?” according to the complaint.

Cops then zapped him with a Taser and tackled him to the ground. He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Officers then recovered the notebook, which contained the apparent hit list filled with names of notable officials and public figures, the feds charged.

Skulstad was charged with one count of violence and destruction of motor vehicles for the rampage.

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