Man in China beats wife to death in street while bystanders watch

Disturbing images show a man in China viciously beat his wife to death on a crowded street while bystanders look on — but do nothing to intervene.

Photos of the attack, which have gone viral since surfacing online this weekend, show the man pounding his helpless wife with a wooden stool and a rock in front of several passersby.

State media said the incident happened Saturday after the married couple accidentally struck a vehicle while driving an electric scooter in the eastern Chinese city of Shuozhou — with the man taking his anger out on his wife.

The images show cyclists, motorists and pedestrians, including children, simply watching the sidewalk attack.

“The suspect is in the custody of public security organs and the case is being fully investigated,” police told Reuters.

Photos published online by the Sun show the woman sitting on the sidewalk trying to fend off her husband’s attack, then lying down on the sidewalk while the attack continues.

“He’s not holding a machine gun,” one online commenter wrote. “Why did no one step forward to control him?”

The incident has sparked widespread outrage over China’s relaxed attitude toward domestic violence.

The Asian nation introduced a law in 2015 making domestic violence illegal, but critics say the legislation is largely ignored. At the time, the All-China Women’s Federation estimated that one in four Chinese women suffer from domestic violence during their marriages.

In 2017, China enacted a “good Samaritan” law that removed civil liability for individuals who intervene in domestic violence attacks.

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