‘Love rat’ caught ‘cheating with woman’ in background of Snapchat video

A ‘love rat’ was allegedly caught cheating on his girlfriend with another woman in the background of a stranger’s Snapchat video.

The man, dressed in a red cap and T-shirt, was filmed apparently kissing the mystery woman as revellers danced in a packed nightclub.

The footage was captured on the phone of unsuspecting partygoer Kyle Hume, who was dancing to Drake’s ‘One Dance’ at the time.

Kyle, 22, later posted the seemingly innocent video on Snapchat – only to discover he had inadvertently ‘outed’ the alleged cheater.

"It’s really lucky we caught him in that split second," he claimed.

"I had one of my friends record me dancing on my phone. The guy in the back is a stranger but he was hooking up with some chick."

The footage shows Kyle, from Busselton, Australia, showing off his dance moves to the hit song, with the unidentified man behind him.

But as he parties, the man embraces a woman, who has her arms draped over his shoulders, before apparently leaning forward to kiss her.

The video shows him holding his hands around the female’s waist.

Kyle’s Snapchat friend Tia reportedly realised the red-capped man was her pal’s boyfriend after watching the video two weeks ago.

Outraged, she sent the footage to her friend – who was left "horrified".

However, the girlfriend allegedly told Tia she had actually caught her partner in the act that very night and had pulled him out of the club.

Despite the incident, the couple are said to be staying together.

Tia, from Perth, said: "It took me a while for me to realise it was him.

"Obviously because he was wearing all red I looked at him and realised he looked like my friend’s boyfriend.

"I kept replaying the video to make sure. I was like yeah that’s him, that’s definitely him."

She added: "To be honest I sent it to her and she was like, ‘it doesn’t matter I already caught him’.

"She said, ‘I already caught him out with the girl in the club but thanks very much’.

"She wasn’t very surprised to be honest. She pulled him out of the club and made him go home with her.

"They are still together. They’ve been together a long time."

Tia had immediately messaged Kyle after spotting the video.

She wrote: "Oi can you please send me this video….my best friends boyfriend is in the back cheating on her [sic]."

Kyle sent her the footage, replying: "Ahahhaha wtf! Yea I will hold up."

The young man later shared the video, along with Tia’s message, online, where it received more than 2,500 likes, shares and comments.

He said: "That message I got from Tia on Snapchat asked me to send her the video because he’s her friend’s boyfriend When I found out I was laughing because it was funny when she messaged me.

"She said, ‘can you send me that message because my friend’s boyfriend is cheating on her’. I posted it up for everyone to see.

"I think his girlfriend was probably shocked too when she saw the video, but now he can’t lie."

The girlfriend, who we are not identifying, said: "Basically I was sent the video and shocked and horrified that it was my partner.

"I wasn’t aware the next day that it would be posted and be made viral, which made trying to deal with such a private issue a lot more difficult because obviously people form opinions on a relationship they’re not apart of.

"I don’t think the poster of the video would have thought about the other person in the relationship and what my wishes would have been which was to deal with this away from social media.

"I am currently still trying to work through everything that has happened.

"It’s hard to deal with now but in future I’m sure this experience will shape and help me become a stronger person."

Her boyfriend was contacted for comment but didn’t respond.

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