Labrador known as 'chonky boy' gets stuck in a doggy door

Heartwarming story behind viral pictures showing a Labrador known as ‘chonky boy’ stuck in a doggy door

  • Queensland woman Charmaine Hulley’s labrador Drax got stuck in a doggy door 
  • She posted cute pictures of ‘chonky boy’ on Dogspotting Society Facebook page
  • Ms Hulley revealed Drax is a rescue who become overweight from being spoilt
  • She has agreed with her partner Taylor to put Drax on a diet to lose some weight 

A pet owner has revealed the heartwarming story behind viral photos showing her pet Labrador getting stuck in a doggy door.

Charmaine Hulley, from Queensland, uploaded pictures of her pet named Drax to the Dogspotting Society Facebook page on October 4.

The pictures show ‘chonky boy’ wandering around on Ms Hulley’s mother’s deck with a dog door stuck around his back.

Drax had gotten stuck in the doorway while playing with other dogs.

While trying to free himself he pulled the whole door off its hinges.

Charmaine Hulley uploaded hilarious pictures after her pet labrador named Drax got stuck in a doggy door (pictured)

Ms Hulley captured Drax carrying the door frame around over his stomach and revealed the touching story behind his predicament.

‘Thanks for all the love everyone for Drax, our chonky boy,’ Ms Hulley’s post reads.

‘He is a rescue off the streets, he was sleeping curled up outside a supermarket all skinny and sad.

‘Now he’s very happy and warm and loved. A little too loved.’

Drax was rescued by Ms Hulley two years ago after her sister spotted him on the side of the road.

Ms Hulley posted cute pictures of ‘chonky boy’ stuck in the doggy door (pictured) on the Dogspotting Society Facebook page

He moved in with Ms Hulley and her partner Taylor and has become a very pampered dog, leading him to put on a lot of weight.

‘In two years, I’ve heard him bark twice. He doesn’t cause any trouble, everyone loves him. He’s so sweet and just spoilt rotten now,’ Ms Hulley told Unilad. 

Ms Hulley moved in with her mother earlier this year, leaving Taylor to take care of Drax, where his diet consisted of ‘a lot of human food, steak and KFC’.

After the dog door incident, Ms Hulley said Taylor promised to help Drax lose weight by putting him on a diet.

‘He (Taylor) says he’s cutting his food down, but I really don’t know if he is or just saying it,’ she said.

Ms Hulley has agreed with her partner Taylor to put Drax on a diet to help him lose some weight

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