Kim Jong-un taking bulletproof ‘pleasure train’ packed with booze, strippers and that can only go 37mph to Putin summit | The Sun

KIM Jong-un is set to take his bulletproof "pleasure train" packed with vintage booze and strippers to Russia where he is expected to meet with Vladimir Putin.

The North Korean dictator, 39, inherited the armoured locomotive from his father, former dictator Kim Jong Il.

The leader is gearing up to arrive in eastern Russia in style, where he will reportedly speak with tyrant Vlad about supplying weapons to bolster Russia's invasion of Ukraine, US officials stated earlier this week.

The two despots will reportedly discuss the possibility of Kim providing Moscow with the fearsome arsenal of weapons at an undisclosed location.

But Kim has allegedly made plans to arrive at Putin's crunch summit in his iconic "pleasure train".

With 21 carriages, the mysterious dark-green train – with yellow piping -features tinted windows to obscure the identities of those on board the machine.


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Each carriage is completely bulletproof, making the train thousands of pounds heavier – and slower than average.

The train is estimated to reach a maximum speed of just 37mph, leaving even more time for North Korea’s leader and his guests to enjoy the trappings of his version of the Orient Express.

The distinctive train is also said to be stocked with imported vintage wines and will cater to any cuisine Kim desires.

It’s said that Swiss-educated Kim is particularly partial to Swiss cheese, Cristal champagne, and Hennessy cognac.

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Those on board the crazy train can feast on fresh lobster and pork barbecue using silver chopsticks while washing their lavish meal down with high-end wines and spirits.

Kim reportedly insisted that live lobster and other fresh delicacies be delivered to the train as it crossed Siberia on trips to Russia.

The beast boasts a lounge lined with pink leather sofas, a modern conference room and office with satellite TV, and a galley to rustle up the finest meals.

And it is reported to be packed with beautiful “lady conductors” – taken from the ranks of Kim’s hand-picked “Pleasure Brigade”.

The tyrant's train, also known as his "pleasure train", reportedly hosts parties where the leader is said to be surrounded by "tall and beautiful virgins".

Kim, alongside his guests, are serenaded by the "lady conductors" as they serve food and entertain those on board.

The women on the locomotive are said to be examined by a doctor to check if they are still virgins prior to them joining Kim's "Brigade".

If accepted, they are given £1,400 — a huge sum in North Korea — before becoming part of the troupe known as “Gippeumjo”, it is reported.

In 2019, Kim set off on an epic 3,000-mile journey to Vietnam in his lavish ride for his landmark second summit with Donald Trump.

He was spotted on state TV inspecting a guard of honour in Pyongyang station before waving from the doors of the green train.

The stunning machine was then seen crossing into the Chinese border city of Dandong on the great journey to Hanoi.

Kim Jong-un’s father Kim Jong-il was rumoured to hate flying and used a very similar armoured train to take him around North Korea and on state visits to China, Russia and Eastern Europe.

Kim Jong-il was known to have lavish tastes and an appetite for opulent banquets, boozy parties and karaoke.

A Russian official, who travelled with Kim Jong-il to Moscow in 2001, said the train was stacked with cases of Bordeaux and Beaujolais, which had been flown in from Paris especially.

But despite its glitz and glam, the train has historically been at the centre of several events in modern North Korea.

According to the New York Times, more than 160 people were killed in Ryongchon in April 2004, near the Chinese border when trains loaded with explosive material blew up after a collision or an electrical malfunction.

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Rumours at the time stated that the explosion was part of an attempt on Kim Jong-il's life as the train had just passed through the town two hours earlier.

According to the state news media, the former tyrant leader would later die onboard the train after a heart attack in December 2011.

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