Joe Biden ‘calling Karen Bass and others who didn’t make the cut to tell them they aren’t his VP pick’

KAREN Bass was not selected as Joe Biden's vice presidential pick, as the presidential candidate calls others to tell them they aren't his pick for VP.

CNN revealed that Biden is now calling and informing perspective vice president picks that they were not selected for the big.

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A source said the Rep. Karen Bass was told by Joe Biden she was not picked.

Biden revealed the woman he's inviting to join the ticket to top advisers on Tuesday.

The pick and Biden are scheduled to speak and appear together at next week's Democratic National Convention.

Other notable speakers of the convention are Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Bernie Sanders and republican John Kasich the Former Ohio Governor.

 The vice presidential candidate is scheduled to speak on Wednesday.

More details and additional speakers will be announced in the next few days.

The long awaited vice president pick was revealed to be imminent when LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, who worked on Biden's VP vetting team, told Fox if they were going to walk their dog before the announcement that they shouldn't "walk that dog unless it was just outside. I think you might need to relieve him close to home."

Also on Tuesday, NBC revealed that Biden's campaign assembled a group of strategists for the fall election.

The team includes Liz Allen, most recently a managing director at the Glover Park Group consulting firm, as the running mate’s communications director; Sheila Nix, who served as chief of staff to Biden on the 2012 Obama reelection campaign, as will be a senior adviser to the running mate and her spouse; Karine Jean-Pierre, new to the Biden campaign, will be the running mate’s chief of staff while continuing to serve as a senior adviser to Biden; Ryan Montoya, a veteran of the Obama White House, will be serving as the running mate’s director of scheduling and advance; and Amanda Perez, the former policy director for Cory Booker's presidential bid, will be the running mate’s policy adviser.

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