Iran warns ‘don’t put your life in danger’ in newly released footage of British-flagged tanker being seized in the Gulf – The Sun

IRAN has released new footage showing the seizure of a British-flagged oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz.

In the video, an Iranian voice can be heard warning the captain of nearby HMS Montrose not to interfere and put his ship danger as the Stena Impero tanker was boarded by troops.

The footage was released by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards through the semi-official Tansim news agency.

Its release comes as it was reported  Britain is sending more troops to a base in Bahrain to protect ships travelling through the Gulf amid rising tensions with Iran.

The Stena Impero was boarded by Iranian commandos on July 19 and the video shows them landing on its deck using a rope from a helicopter hovering above its deck.

A commander from the Revolutionary Guards – or Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRCG) as they are formally known – can be heard saying “the tanker is under my control”.

“This is the IRGC Navy patrol boat, don’t put your life in danger,” he said.

The captain of the Montrose replies: “This is British warship foxtrot two three six.

“I am in the vicinity of an internationally recognized strait with a merchant vessel in my vicinity conducting transit passage.”

The video also contains an exchange between the Revolutionary Guards and HMS Montrose during a standoff involving the British Heritage oil tanker on July 11.

Three Iranian vessels attempted to block the passage of a ship through the Strait of Hormuz, but withdrew after warnings.

HMS Montrose – which was escorting the tanker through the flashpoint region – was forced to sail in front of the boats.

After quickly training its 30mm deck guns on the enemy boats, deploying its Wildcat helicopter and issuing a radio warning, the Iranian boats retreated.


Boris Johnson has ordered the Royal Navy to accompany all British-flagged vessels through the Strait of Hormuz in an escalation of the Iran crisis.

Sky News reported that the extra troops will be deployed as part of the UK Maritime Component Command.

It comes after a second Royal Navy warship, Type 45 Destroyer HMS Duncan, arrived in the Gulf to travel with ships flying under the British flag.

Britain opened a permanent military base in Bahrain in April last year in an attempt to boost its role as a "major player" in the Middle East and tackle any threats.

The £40m UK Naval Support facility at Mina Salman was staffed with up to 500 soldiers, sailors and airmen when it opened.

The launch came 47 years after Britain left its original HMS Juffair base in Bahrain following the country's declaration of independence.

The base supports the operation of bigger ships in the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

It was previously announced that British-flagged ships travelling in the Strait of Hormuz will be accompanied by a Royal Navy escort, with officials advising shipping companies to travel in convoy.

HMS Montrose has so far escorted 35 shipping vessels through the troubled strait during 20 separate journeys.

Around a fifth of the world's oil travelled through the strait between Iran and Oman in 2018.

On Wednesday, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani indicated that the captured Stena Impero could be released if the UK returns an Iranian oil tanker seized by the Royal Navy near Gibraltar earlier this month.

Iran threatened to seize a British tanker in retaliation if the Grace 1 is not released.

The oil tanker Grace 1 was detained on suspicion it was breaking European sanctions by taking oil to Syria.

HMS Duncan was then deployed to patrol the busy shipping lane as all UK flagged vessels were put on the highest security alert level.

But an Iranian bomb boat was found in its path, meaning the HMS Duncan could have been destroyed by the unmanned attack ship packed with explosives, the Mirror reports.

Iran had earlier been blamed for a series of devastating sea mine attacks on US-linked oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz.

Last month, Trump called off a planned airstrike on Iranian military targets at the last minute in retaliation for the shooting down of an unmanned US drone.

Yesterday, US warship the USS Boxer downed an Iranian drone near the Persian Gulf with officials saying they used electronic jamming to bring the unmanned craft down.

Iran though completely denied this saying the US had mistakenly downed one of its own drones.

Iran has been squaring up to the West as it reels over the scrapping of the so-called nuclear deal by the US.


July 4: Royal Marines off the coast of Gibraltar seize an Iranian supertanker  suspected of carrying oil to Syria

July 11:  HMS Montrose trains its guns on Iran gunboats trying to hijack a British  tanker, the BP-owned Heritage

July 18: President Donald Trump reveals the US Navy  shot down an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz after warnings were ignored

July 19: Two Brit oil tankers including Stena Impero  seized by Iran’s  Revolutionary Guard

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