India’s horror wet markets exposed as traders flog charred monkey hands and scared dogs wait to be slaughtered for meat

TRADERS flog charred monkey hands while scared dogs wait to be slaughtered for meat at horror wet markets in India.

Monkey body parts including hands are seen on sale while pooches have been tied up in sacks with their heads poking out at the appalling bazaars.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said the footage shows "rampant violations" of animal welfare and wildlife protection.

The organisation also warned about wet markets, where live animals are sold act as 'breeding grounds' for deadly diseases.

It flies in the face of warnings that close proximity to animals and unsanitary conditions risk a pandemic outbreak similar to how coronavirus supposedly jumped from bats to humans at a Wuhan wet market.

Meat from monkeys, porcupines, barking dear, wild boars and migratory birds was illegally sold in Manipur's Nute Baazar, according to PETA's footage.

Meat from monkeys, wild boar and deer were illegally sold at Churchandpur market. Suspected monkey hands were lined up on a sheet along with huge chunks of meat.

Captured dogs were killed and sold for meat at Keera Bazaar in Dimapur, Nagaland, the footage shows.

Nagaland banned the import, trading and sale of dog meat at the start of July, reported the Hindustan Times.

"Places such as these, crammed full of sick and distressed animals, are breeding grounds for deadly diseases", PETA's director Elisa Allen told Mirror Online.

"As long as live-animal markets are allowed to operate, humans will continue to be at risk and countless animals will needlessly endure miserable lives and a violent, painful death."

India sent 375million people back into lockdown as the country experienced a record spike in coronavirus cases.

Health officials announced yesterday that new infection cases had grown from 906,752 to 936,181 – a rise of 29,429 – with India closing in on a million infections.

Only the US and Brazil have so far passed that huge milestone.

The death toll has also soared by 582, rising from 23,727 to 24,309 with half of the tragedies occurring in the state of Maharashtra which includes Mumbai.

Shocking animal abuse was also caught on camera at a Vietnam wet market as frogs had their legs cut off and skinned dogs lay on tables, according to footage reportedly filmed between February and March 2020.


Live fish were also hit with knives in the clip while chickens and ducks were packed in cramped cages beside other decapitated ducks and some workers were seen without face masks, aprons or even plastic gloves.

The World Health Organisation has warned that conditions like these that risk human life and animal life such are "unacceptable."

They said: "It increases the risk of contamination of the meat with foodborne pathogens."

One clip shows piles of frog intestines on the floor as a worker rips skin off a frogs legs before chucking it into a bloodied and dirty basket.

The scissors used to cut the frog are then placed into the pile of intestines before being picked up for re-use.

Another clip showed fish being decapitated on a blood-stained block used for other fish moments earlier while one worker is captured pinning down and decapitating a fish without wearing gloves, a face mask or an apron.

China is the only country to have implemented a large-scale ban on its wildlife trade since the pandemic began while conservation organisations including PETA and Open Cages are calling to end all wet markets.

"When will we learn? The Covid-19 outbreak has exposed how fragile, cruel and dangerous wet markets are," said Open Cages CEO Connor Jackson.

"So we can't leave animal well-being and the safety of humanity in the hands of ineffective regulations," he added.


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