I'm scared of being attacked by squatter 'junkies' who are making my life HELL – they fight & deal drugs on the street

TERRIFIED residents claim they are being harassed by “junkies” who are making their lives hell by fighting and screaming constantly.

Locals from Shelton, Staffs, say they are too scared to leave their own homes after squatters in a “drug den” are dumping rubbish and used needles in the street.

Aaron, 34, said that he has reached “breaking point” over witnessing “constant” drug deals of Class A drugs.

He claims locals are terrified that they will be abused on their own doorsteps by “all sorts of people off their heads.”

The data analyst told The Sun: “It's been going on and on and causing us hell.

"I must have seen 200, maybe 300 different people going into that house at all hours for drugs.


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“It affects the way I live. I have to shut myself in my own house because I'm too scared to come out and be confronted by them.

"I'm made to feel like a prisoner in my own home. It is ridiculous.”

 “They are dealing everything from heroin and crack to monkey dust. I can see them and hear them in the back garden from my house.

“When I let my dog out for a wee at night there they all are, saying and doing weird things.

"They have never been violent towards me but you never know what someone is capable of going when so drugged up.

“There are all sorts of people. All ages, off their heads and they have turned out neighbourhood into a mess, 24/7.

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“We have just about reached breaking point. There are families living here with kids, and pensioners, and their behaviour is spoiling it for us all."

He claims that locals have been begging for help for months from the police, but the problem has only just been addresses.

But cops have now boarded up the mid-terraced property in Stoke-on-Trent after months of the horrors.

Aaron fears that the order has already been breached by people by hanging around in the back garden.

A white A4 piece of paper, stuck to the matching white front door with sticky tape, states in bold black lettering: “Closure Order.”

The large front window, surrounded by peeling brickwork, is blocked shut with chipboard.

Staffordshire Police secured the order last week following a hearing at Norths Staffs Justice Centre, which warns anyone getting into the property without permission risking being jailed.

The notice reads: "This premises has been sealed and no further entry will be allowed, except to those authorised to enter by the landlord or Staffordshire Police.

“The occupier will therefore be required to find alternative accommodation.

"Anyone entering the premises without the permission of the landlord, Staffordshire Police, or North Staffordshire Justice Centre commits an offence and can be arrested.

“If found guilty of an offence they are liable to imprisonment and/or fine.”

A sea of rubbish can be seen strewn across the garden of the property, with a white door covered in blood splatters also ditched outside the home.

Aaron, who has lived next to the property for three years, added: “It doesn't take much to imagine what had been going on there.

“I couldn't miss people coming and going, some looked like homeless, some like prostitutes and others as if they'd just come out of prison.

“It was so obvious what was going on there. There were so many drugged up people, some climbing onto the roof and saying they could fly, and lots of screaming and shouting.

We have just about reached breaking point

“Sometimes I’m scared living inside my own house and my poor dog is worried by them too.

“They dumped all kinds of things in the street outside my house – clothes, junk and loads of c**p. 

“If you try to confront them they just rant and rave back at you. Now the tenant has been evicted, the house is quiet.”

Retired William Fenton, 67, said: “There are people knocking at the door at all times of the day and night, sometimes at 3 in the morning.

“It is so ridiculous. I had words a few weeks ago with one of the fellas dumping rubbish at the back but he was out of it, just not there. You couldn’t even have a conversation.

“He simply shrugged his shoulders and gesticulated. It used to be such a lovely neighbourhood, a very solid working class area with a very local community.

“But sadly over the years there have been various house lets and some people don’t consider the interests of others, just themselves.”

Despairing mum-of-two Marie Deeks, 49, added: “I’m worried sick for my kids with a drugs den operating right opposite our home it’s a disgrace.

"I’ve called the police several times about anti-social goings on but nothing has been done until just a few days ago.

“What is it with cops, if you drop a bit of litter or speed in your car you’ll know it and get done but it you deal and use drugs they turn a blind eye.


“The house is a huge problem to the whole of the street. I found a smack needle outside my house, where my two kids walk, a few weeks ago.

“They’re chucking out their used gear on the pavement. It’s shameful.

“The house is rented out and whoever lives there has been evicted in the past, the place has been boarded up for a bit, and then they’re back in and it all starts up again. It's a vicious circle.

“Mark my words, they’ll be back again soon causing havoc.”

Neighbour Phil Rothwell, 64, complained: “It is drugs, crackheads, the house was full of them. There were 20 going in and out over the last six months.

“It’s been going on too long. It has been a constant nightmare night and day. 

"They now can't use the house but they are still in the area. The police know who they are and that is why the closure order came in the end. Police have done a good job."

A spokesman for Staffordshire Police said: "Officers from Stoke South Harm Reduction Hub have successfully closed a problem property in Shelton which has been linked to anti-social behaviour. 

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"The address in Shelton has since been securely boarded-up.

"The closure order was granted as a result of evidence submitted by local officers which showed the property was being used by those conducting anti-social behaviour and associated criminality.”

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