'Humbled' Chris Cuomo vows to call out 'the game' of American politics on premiere of new show

Chris Cuomo’s new primetime show, simply titled Cuomo, kicked off Monday on NewsNation. Cuomo began his new venture by alluding to his firing from CNN late last year amid multiple scandals, including allegations of misconduct and his involvement in counseling his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, on how to response to his own sexual misconduct allegations.

“I’ve been humbled by what happened, and I’m also hungry to do better in a way that I’ve never been before,” Cuomo said. “So this show is going to be different than what I’ve done in the past because I’m different, and I’ve spent a lot of time looking and listening on the sidelines.”

In his opening monologue, Cuomo made multiple references to “the game” that American politics has become, and the role that media plays in today’s political discourse and in the game itself.

“It’s obvious to me that we need people in my position to do more,” Cuomo said, “to not just play or even referee the game that is plaguing our politics and society. That means exposing the game. Show when it’s played. Show how it’s being played.”

Cuomo pointed to the fact that the majority of Americans are closer to the center, not the fringe, but that the messaging from both the right and left is used to demonize the other side. Messaging on immigration was just one example Cuomo used to make his point.

“Why is all the focus on the migrants? The game,” Cuomo said. “It allows the left to show that the right has no heart, and for the right to show that the left has no head for law and order. Again, the problem works better for them than finding a solution. That is the game, and we have to change the game.”

Cuomo airs weeknights at 8 p.m. on NewsNation.

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