Huge crowd boo cops after they shut down impromptu singalong in London's Leicester Square after 10pm closing time

A LARGE group of partygoers can be heard "booing" cops after they shut down a singalong in Leicester Square after 10pm.

Dozens of people crowded in the popular tourist spot after pubs and restaurants shut last night.

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The crowd swelled as a busker played popular songs on his drum set.

At one point groups were dancing and singing to "Sweet Caroline" with little no social distancing in place.

Police arrived on the scene and appear to ask the busker to stop.

However, they were met with a furious crowd that "booed" them and begged the drummer to play "one more song".

Crowds filling streets and public transport after the 10pm curfew are starting to become common scenes across the UK.

The 10pm curfew has led to a mass exodus of people wanting to continue the fun, but having nowhere to go.

Boozy gangs gathered in central London, Newcastle and Liverpool were seen well after the 10pm curfew on Friday night.

It comes as Boris Johnson will give a dramatic coronavirus statement to the country on Monday to set out new restrictions.

The Prime Minister will outline a new "tiered" approach to how local Covid situations will be treated amid a surge in infections in the North of England.

The UK's daily coronavirus cases dropped today to 13,684 from over 17,000 yesterday – offering hope that tighter restrictions could be slowing the spread.

However, coronavirus deaths hit their highest level in three months with a further 87 fatalities confirmed.

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