Huge brawl at airport baggage claim sees woman battered on carousel after she hit another female passenger – The Sun

A BRAWL broke out at a baggage claim carousel at an airport after one woman hit another, video shows.

The video shows a group of people piling on the baggage claim as an altercation escalated.

One clip of the incident showed a couple yelling back and forth with a woman.

The woman standing with the man then hit the face of the other female.

After the woman was struck, other females began attacking the woman that threw the first hit, and chaos erupted around the baggage claim.

"Oh girl! That's right!" a female bystander yelled.

Another clip showed several people throwing punches as people piled on top of the moving carousel.

Some people tried to pull others off of the baggage claim, and one woman stepped on the carousel trying to pull someone off.

One woman continued throwing punches on a man as his body moved along the baggage claim.

Another video showed the woman who first hit the girl lying on the ground as her partner shielded her body with his.

Several women kicked the female on the ground and her partner who was protecting her.

Philadelphia International Airport, which users said the video appears to have been taken at, did not immediately respond to The Sun for comment.

The video emerged just days after three women were seen attacking Spirit Airlines staff after their flight was delayed at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida.



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Danaysha Akia Cuthbert Dixon, 22, Kaira Candida Ferguson, 21, and Tymaya Monique Wright, 20, were seen screaming and throwing objects the workers in the video.

The three women were arrested and face battery charges in relation with the incident, police said.

All three women posted bond, and told WPLG they were trying to get home to Philadelphia.

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