How screaming couple were eaten ALIVE by grizzly bear dubbed 'The Machine' & caught their own deaths on film | The Sun

A BEAR enthusiast was eaten alive along with his girlfriend by a bear dubbed 'The Machine' who was found feasting on their remains.

Timothy Treadwell, 46, spent his summers camping in Alaska and became close to wild bears in the region – even giving them names.

The former heroin addict dedicated his life to filming the grizzlies in their natural habitat and vowed to protect them.

During his trips, he got dangerously close to the bears and his girlfriend, who often accompanied him, grew uncomfortable with their close proximity.

In October 2003, Timothy was due to be picked up via seaplane along with girlfriend Amie Huguenard, 37, from Katmai National Park.

The pair had spent the winter there studying the animals and were just hours away from being picked up on the shoreline in Alaska.


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But a bear suddenly appeared and began mauling Timothy in front of Amie – at the time a camera was running but the lens cap had been left on.

It captured the chilling audio of their final moments as Timothy told Amie, "Get out here! I'm getting killed out here!"

In six-minute-long clip, the tent zip is heard as Amie runs out to help.

She screams to distract the bear for a moment before he turns back and bites down on Timothy's head dragging him into the woods.

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He screams for his girlfriend to hit the bear before she attacks the blood-thirsty beast with a frying pan.

It's then that Amie lets out blood-curdling screams and the tape stops running.

When air taxi pilot Willy Fulton arrived to pick the couple up, he knew immediately that something was wrong.

He was greeted with an eerie silence and found their collapsed tent with their shoes still neatly outside.

To his horror, Willy suddenly spotted the bear as it sat feasting on the remains of the couple.

Speaking about the grim find, he said he saw the "meanest looking bear sitting atop of a pile of human remains, feeding from a human ribcage."

Timothy's disfigured head, partial spine, and right forearm and hand, with his wristwatch still on, were recovered a short distance from the camp.

Amie's remains were found next to the collapsed tent – partially buried under a mound of twigs and dirt.

The male bear, dubbed The Machine, was killed by park rangers when it attempted to protect its kill.

An autopsy revealed human remains and clothing inside the grizzly's stomach.


Amie had expressed her concerns about getting close to the bears in her final journal entries.

She had grown uncomfortable in their presence and suggested that she wanted to get away from the park.

The couple had set up their camp near a salmon stream in a bid to capture the grizzly's feeding habits during the autumn season – a time when bears attempt to gain fat for the winter months.

Food had also been scarce that autumn, causing the bears to become increasingly aggressive.

The couple had planned to leave the park in September, but an argument with the airline over altering their ticket meant they stayed longer.

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During his 13 summers filming grizzlies in Alaska, Timothy set up the bear protection group Grizzly People.

His life and tragic death was later turned into a critically acclaimed documentary by Werner Herzog named the 'Grizzly Man'.

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