How Manchester suicide bomber travelled to Ariana Grande concert to carry out terror attack on £3.80 tram ticket

A SUICIDE bomber who lay in wait to attack young pop fans as they left last night's Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena travelled to the gig on a £3.80 tram ticket, it has been revealed.

Gig-goers slammed security at the venue after the deadly suicide bomb attack, which killed at least 22, including children, and left 59 injured.

A bomb exploded in the foyer moments after the US pop star left the stage and fans were making their way home.

Fans, including young children, were filing out of the hall towards the station when the attacker struck just after 10.30pm.

Many have slammed "awful" security at the arena on Twitter.

It has also been reported by CBS News that the bomber travelled to Manchester's Victoria Station.

One woman wrote: "I was at the arena in Manchester and they only check your bag, anyone can walk in with things under a coat."

Another wrote: "Literally when i went to manchester arena, they didn't check my bag or anything. it's shocking how bad security is in such a large place."

One woman said she had been able to smuggle in a bottle of vodka at a Shawn Mendes gig at the venue last month as nobody checked her bag.

In another tweet, a woman claimed she had taken a rucksack into the venue without it being checked at three separate events.

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