Hot air balloon burst in flames and crashes into condominium in Brazil

Frightening moment a hot air balloon in Brazil is engulfed in FLAMES midair and comes crashing down to earth

  • An unmanned hot air balloon burst in flames before it crashed into a residential building in Brazil Saturday night
  • Residents in the city of Arujá recorded the giant balloon descending from the skies as flams extended before covering a small section of the building
  •  Neighbors were able to extinguish the fire; no damages or injuries were reported

This is the moment a hot air balloon was torn apart in a massive fireball and slammed into a condominium in the southern Brazilian city of Arujá as it crashed toward the ground.

The hair-raising footage posted on social media shows the unmanned balloon hitting the side of the residential building on Saturday night.

It is possible to see the flames extending and shredding the large balloon as neighbors scream in horror.

Residents jumped into action and extinguished the blaze on the balloon and building before a fire department unit responded.

A hot air balloon was on fire as is descended from the sky before it slammed into the side of a condominium Saturday night in Arujá, a city in the southern Brazilian state of São Paulo. Residents jumped to action and were able to put out the fire which spread to a section of the building

Flames extended from a balloon that crashed to the ground near a residential building in Brazil on Saturday night. No injuries or damages were reported

‘There was no damage or injuries,’ the Arujá Ministry of Municipal Security said.

The balloon fire was once of three incidents registered by the environmental police during the weekend in the Greater São Paulo region.

Eight balloons were spotted flying over the town of Mogi das Cruzes on Saturday.

On Sunday, cops found 18 people releasing the massive balloons at a farm in Suzano.

The police confiscated five balloons, seven rolls of rope and two gas cylinders. They also seized four blowtorches.  

The balloon was one of several that were released during the weekend in Arujá, Brazil. Any person found to be selling, making, transporting and/or releasing balloons can be sentenced one to three years in prison and can be also fined

The weekend incident wasn’t the only close call between hot air balloons and other objects in recent years in Brazil.  

A Qatar Airways Boeing 777 nearly crashed into a balloon prior to landing at Guarulhos International Airport in July 2022. 

A photo taken by a passenger Denio Costa showed the hot air balloon with a 98-foot banner hooked to it while hovering to the left side of the plane. 

The pilot was able to maneuver the airplane out of its way as it flew over the center of the city and landed without any issues.

Under Brazilian law No. 9,605/1998, any person found to be selling, making, transporting and/or releasing balloons can be sentenced to between one to three years in prison and can be fined.

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