Horrific moment thug, 24, brutally kicks homeless man in the FACE

Horrific moment thug, 24, brutally kicks ‘vulnerable’ homeless man in the FACE while he sat outside Tesco Metro – as he’s jailed for 16 weeks for assault

  • Footage shows the thug shouting at the man before kicking him in the face 
  • The force caused the rough sleeper’s head to bounce off the window behind him
  • 24-year- old Theo Maulba was handed a 16-week prison sentence for assault 

Horrifying footage shows the moment a thug kicks a ‘vulnerable’ homeless man in the face, while he sat outside a Tesco. 

Theo Maulba can be seen approaching the rough sleeper outside a Tesco Express,leaning over him and savagely kicking him in the face- so hard that it ’caused his head to recoil’.

The footage showing the 24-year old attacking the homeless man on Dale Street in Liverpool city centre, quickly became viral and sparked  an investigation after it was sent to police.

The thug has been handed a 16-week prison sentence, after appearing in Sefton Magistrates’ Court on Monday, December 14.   

Dash camera footage shows three thugs on bicycles approaching the man sitting in a sleeping bag outside a Tesco store. 

One of them bends down in front of him and appears to be shouting in his face.  

The thug briefly looks away before lifting his leg and viciously kicking the homeless man. 

The force causes the man’s head to bounce off the window behind him and a person in the car filming is heard exclaiming: ‘Oh my God! That’s not nice’.

Mr Maulba admitted assault by beating and possession of a class B drug before requesting to move prisons due to death threats he had received.   

During the court proceedings Hannah Scott, prosecuting, explained how Maulba approached on a push bike and was seen ‘leaning over the victim’ in an ‘agitated’ state.

Theo Maulba viciously kicked the rough sleeper in the face, while he sat outside a Tesco on Dale Street in Liverpool city centre

The court heard how Maulba kicked him to the head which ’caused his head to recoil’.

Police were later provided with the footage and approached the victim, who did not wish to provide an interview and ‘said he did not report the incident’. 

 Mr Maulba has 27 conviction for 35 offences including two offences of common assault.   

District Judge Lloyd, sentencing Maulba, said: ‘I have had a good clear breakdown of the footage.

‘You seem to be leaning over, you are agitated.

Theo Maulba, 24, was jailed for 16 weeks for assault after appearing in Sefton Magistrates’ Court yesterday

‘He is on the floor and you kick him when he is vulnerable and unable to defend himself. You can see his head go back.’

Following the yesterday’s court hearing Detective Inspector Jennie Beck, of Merseyside Police, said: ‘We welcome today’s sentencing, which has seen a very swift resolution to an incident which understandably caused a lot of concern and distress to anyone who saw the footage.

‘Maulba will now spend the festive season and New Year behind bars, and I hope he spends that time thinking very hard about his behaviour that night, and the impact it has had.

‘Thankfully the victim was not seriously hurt, but his actions appalled and upset so many.

‘He is now in prison and safe from hurting anyone else so mindlessly on our streets.’ 

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