Horrific details of Hamas massacre emerge

‘Eyes were gouged out, a woman’s breasts cut off and a daughter had her legs severed’: Horrific details of Hamas massacre emerge as rescue worker recounts how entire families were slaughtered

  • Rescue worker Moshe Melayev told how families were slaughtered in homes

Hamas terrorists killed a husband and gouged his eyes out before going on to cut his wife’s breasts off and chop his daughter’s leg off, a rescue worker has revealed as yet more horrific details of the terrorists’ savage attack continue to emerge.

Moshe Melayev told how entire families were slaughtered in their homes by the clad-clad terrorists who were wielding assault rifles and grenades as they launched their surprise attack on southern Israel on October 7.

Melayev, of Israel’s National Rescue Unit, said as he walked through kibbutzim close to the Gaza border, he saw the beheaded bodies of victims lying on the floors of their homes where they had hours earlier been drinking their morning coffee.

‘I saw beheaded bodies, I saw body parts,’ Melayev told Fox News. ‘In a house there was a husband and wife and two children.’

‘They killed the husband first, they took his eyes out, I saw the body myself. They cut the breasts of the woman off and they cut the leg off the girl. That’s the family that I saw with my own eyes,’ Melayev added, shaking his head as he recounted the horrors the Hamas terrorists inflicted on hundreds of families on October 7.  

The rampaging terrorists unleashed horrors that defy belief, with an Israeli colonel recounting how one gunman cut open a pregnant mother’s stomach and killed her baby in front of her before they shot her in the head.

A volunteer of the Zaka Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jewish emergency response team searches through the debris in Kibbutz Beeri near the border with Gaza on October 20

A burned washing machine stands among the debris of a house destroyed during the October 7 attack by Hamas terrorists in kibbutz Kfar Aza in southern Israel on October 18 

Blood is seen splattered on the floor of one family’s home in southern Israel 

Colonel Haim Weissberg, whose job is to identify the bodies of the victims of Israel’s worst massacre, said he had seen babies with their heads chopped off, soldiers and civilians whose genitals had been cut off as well as women who were raped. 

‘They filed a pregnant women, a terrorist arrives, he disembowels her, takes out the foetus, and in front of her, he comes out and massacres the baby before killing her,’ Weisberg told a delegation of Jewish community leaders from France at the Shura military base.

‘Everything is filmed. Babies whose heads were decapitated, soldiers whose genitals were cut off, small and elderly women were raped,’ Weisberg added.  

The Shura military base near Tel Aviv has been turned into a huge morgue, where the Israeli Defence Force’s Rabbinate corps and volunteers are working to identify the mutilated bodies they are pulling out of a countless stream of body bags.

‘We are in an abnormal situation and that is why it is taking so much time to identify the bodies,’ Weisberg told the Jewish Insider. 

‘In most case, we have had to identify people via deep tissue DNA or dental records because there is nothing left. And we are still getting bodies, last night we received an additional 73 body parts.’

Weisberg added: ‘These are things we have not seen since the Nazis. We are seeing trucks arriving with whole families inside — grandparents, mothers, fathers and children — and we are still collecting bodies from the roads, homes, playgrounds and fields where they were killed.’ 

He revealed that many of the bodies he sees are so badly charred, it’s hard to identify them. Weisberg revealed that it was only after a CT scan that it was revealed one charred body was in fact a mother holding her baby in a tight embrace.

Israel has previously released harrowing images of tiny babies who were murdered and burned by the Hamas terrorists. 

One appalling image shows the small body of a baby, who couldn’t be more than 12 months old, lying on a now bloodied white body bag that is too large for it. The little child’s baby grow dotted with flowers is covered in blood after the rampaging terrorists unleashed horrors that defy belief.

The interior of a kitchen and dinning room area in a civilian house in the Jewish community of Kibbutz Be’eri along the border with the Gaza Strip during a press tour on October 20

embers of Army rescue and ZAKA crews search for bodies and body parts after the Hamas and Palestinians militants attack on the Kibbutz on October 22 in Be’eri 

An Israeli army soldier walks through a burnt building during a patrol in kibbutz Kfar Aza in southern Israel on October 18 

Body parts stored at a mobile mortuary at Shura military base in Israel 

Colonel Haim Weissberg, whose job is to identify the bodies of the victims of Israel’s worst massacre, said he had seen babies with their heads chopped off, soldiers and civilians whose genitals had been cut off as well as women who were raped

Israeli soldiers remove the body of a compatriot, killed during an attack by the Palestinian militants, in Kfar Aza on October 10 

It comes as the IDF showed a 45-minute-montage of Hamas murdering, torturing and abducting Israeli civilians to journalists who have told of the horrors with which they were confronted. 

The lengthy compilation, pieced together from material recorded by Hamas gunmen on bodycams and smartphones, was shown by the IDF to a closed pool of journalists in Tel Aviv yesterday. 

One Breitbart journalist said audience members began weeping as they sat in their chairs, while others whimpered ‘make it stop’ after a matter of minutes.

‘There is no moment of redemption in the footage,’ he said. ‘After the video was done, we were allowed to go outside to retrieve our equipment… I had to sit down. I leaned against a wall and cried.’

Another journalist for The Atlantic said some audience members were heard retching and heaving – a violent, involuntary response to the level of evil and gore on display. ‘I certainly hope I never see any of the extra footage again,’ he wrote. 

By all accounts, the footage was stuffed with clip after clip of civilians being shot, stabbed, tortured and burned. 

Their corpses were arranged for all to see – bound, gagged and riddled with bullet holes and knife wounds. Others were decapitated with knives – and one pour soul was partially decapitated with a garden hoe as he lay cradling a bullet wound in his stomach.

And one young girl was seen hiding under a desk, waiting as the terrorists decided what her fate would be. Moments later they decided to gun her down from point-blank range. 

The full unedited footage will not be shared with the public, Israel says, unless all of the families of those killed within view it and give permission, meaning it is unlikely the whole clip will ever be released to the world.

According to descriptions from journalists who attended the private screening, one clip showed the moment a Hamas terrorist threw a grenade at a father and his son. 

The blast kills the father, who pitches forward into the turf, while the young boy is covered in his blood. 

The child is dragged inside and forced to sit next to his brother, whose eye is a bloody mess – either due to shrapnel from the grenade blast or torture.

One of the boys sobs: ‘Why am I alive?’ as the ruthless terrorists stand over the body of his father. 

Another dark chunk of footage showed how unsuspecting IDF soldiers were beheaded with their headless corpses left splayed in the streets, while a contingent of female soldiers were incapacitated by a grenade before being shot at near point blank range. 

The journalists also shared they witnessed scenes of sheer panic, terror and devastation at the Nova music festival, where more than 250 civilians were slaughtered.

Some victims hid in skips, others in portable toilets, but all were found and either gunned down, or savagely beaten before being taken hostage. 

Meanwhile, in an audio clip, a Hamas gunman is heard bragging to his family about ‘killing 10 Jews’, having stolen the phone of one of his victims. 

In the call recorded by the victim’s phone, the terrorist chillingly boasts that he ‘is a hero’ after murdering Israelis with his ‘own hands’. 

Hundreds of journalists attended the horrendous screening in Tel Aviv

Further footage shows Hamas gunmen immediately opening fire on hundreds of terrified Israeli festivalgoers when the terrorists saw them running for their lives across a field.

Video taken from a terrorist’s truck shows the rampaging gunmen driving along a road, covered with the bodies of their already slain victims and their bullet-riddled cars, and unleashing more horrors that defy belief.

It was here that the gunmen, drawn to the sound of crackling gunfire up ahead, saw hundreds of screaming youngsters running across the next field from the Supernova festival where they had seen their friends shot dead by Hamas terrorists.

Without hesitation, two gunmen raised their assault rifles and began firing shots one after the other at the fleeing revellers. Within seconds, dozens of other terrorists jumped out of their pickup trucks and began taking potshots too. 

Some fire from a machine gun-mounted truck, while one gunman jumps onto the bonnet of a slain victim’s abandoned car to shoot over the trees at the screaming revellers, mowing them down one by one with their hail of bullets.

The sickening sound of gunshots continues for 40 seconds –  the terrorists unrelenting in their savagery. Apparently deciding that there were no more victims to shoot, the gunmen are seen turning back to their trucks before the video cuts out.

In response to the massacre, Israel has refused to let up on its brutal bombing campaign of Gaza even as Hamas released two elderly Israeli women snatched in the October 7 attacks.

Israel’s Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi, suggested Israel had no intention of curbing its strikes, declaring: ‘We want to bring Hamas to a state of full dismantling.

Within seconds of Hamas terrorists seeing hundreds of terrified Israeli festivalgoers running for their lives across a field, the gunmen ruthlessly shot them one by one without hesitation, sickening new footage shows

The dashcam footage shows the terrorists drive through the carnage that they had unleashed. They drive past two victims who had been ruthlessly shot in the head lying next to their bullet-riddled car, their blood now covering the tarmac

‘We are well prepared for the ground operations in the south,’ he added, referring to a much-anticipated ground invasion of Gaza by the Israeli Defence Forces.

‘Troops who have more time are better prepared, and that is what we are doing now.’

His parents, who do not have similar levels of enthusiasm, beg him to come back to Gaza, but their son tells them he is committed to ‘victory or martyrdom’. The latter turned out to be the end result.  

The release of the footage was announced by government spokesman Eylon Levy to counter what he says is a ‘Holocaust denial-like phenomenon’ amid backlash over Israel’s airstrikes of the Gaza Strip. 

‘The IDF has been collecting footage from bodycams taken by Hamas death squads as they rampaged through the communities in southern Israel, butchering everyone in sight,’ Levy said.

‘I can’t believe I’m saying this… As we work to defeat the terror organisation we are witnessing a Holocaust denial-like phenomenon evolving in real time as people are casting doubt on the magnitude of the atrocities Hamas committed against our people and in fact recorded in order to glorify this violence.’

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