Homeless career criminal is charged with murder

Homeless career criminal is charged with murder of advertising creative who he followed into her Manhattan apartment: Locals hold vigil outside her Chinatown building and say they warned cops about vagrants

  • Assmad Nash, 25, was charged with burglary and murder
  • Christina Yuna Lee, 35 was coming home from a club when she was attacked
  • Nash has been arrested seven times since 2017
  • He has three open cases in Manhattan Criminal Court 

A vagrant with a lengthy rap sheet was charged Monday with murder and burglary in the fatal stabbing of advertising creative Christina Yuna Lee, whom he followed into her Manhattan apartment after she came home from a night out.

Assamad Nash, 25, has three additional open criminal cases, one for assaulting a man in a subway station, as resident’s near the victim’s building in Chinatown held a rally Monday to decry violence against the Asian community.

Lee, 35, was coming home Sunday morning about 4:30 from a night out at a club when Nash spotted her getting out of an Uber, her landlord Brian Chin said.

Security video captured Nash creeping into the building behind Lee, who didn’t notice her stalker.

Nash hung back as the digital producer climbed the six flights to her apartment, Chin said, climbing up one floor below as she went.

He rushed her as she unlocked her apartment door and entered her apartment, police said.

Assamad Nash, 25, is charged with murder of Christina Yuna Lee, who was stabbed to death in her 6th floor apartment. Security video shows Nash, a career criminal, following her into the building and rushing her as she unlocked her apartment door

Assamad Nash, 25, has been arrested seven times since 2017 and currently has three open cases in the Manhattan Criminal Court

Nash is driven away by police after being arraigned for murder of Christina Yuna Lee

The career criminal has three additional open  cases, including one for assaulting a man in a subway station

Neighbors were awakened Sunday morning to Lee’s blood-curdling screams of ‘Please, help me. Call 911.’

Star Fitz, 21, who lives down the hall said she immediately called police, who arrived instantly.

By then Nash had barricaded himself in the apartment with the fatally wounded Lee, who lay bleeding to death in the bathtub as police were forced to saw their way into the unit. According to reports, it took police 90 minutes to finally enter the apartment. 

They found Nash hiding under the bed, the New York Post reported.    

Nash, a homeless career criminal, had been out on bail following several outstanding offences, including an assault case in September and criminal mischief arrest in early January. He was due in court on March 3. 

According to ABC7, he has been arrested at least seven times since 2015, most recently on January 6, 2022.

Christina Yuna Lee, 35, was stabbed to death in her New York City apartment ‘by homeless serial criminal’

Chinatown residents hold photo of Christina Yuna Lee, who was stabbed to death in her apartment on Sunday, during vigil on Monday

Body of Christina Yuna Lee is wheeled out after she was stabbed to death in her apartment

Chilling footage shows the murderer, named as Nash, follow Christina Yuna Lee through the hallway of her Chinatown apartment building 

Yuna was found knifed in her bathtub, and couldn’t be saved, with Nash also said to have been discovered hiding under his alleged victims’ bed

According to court records accessed by DailyMail.com, Nash has been arrested four times in the last year alone. His rap sheet included misdemeanor charges of assault, intentional damage to property, harassment, resisting arrest, both attempted and successful escape from police officers and selling a fare card.

Three of these cases remain open, and he has appeared in court on numerous occasions. He was set to appear again before a judge on March 9 on the assault, harassment and intentional damage to property charges.

‘This all could have been avoided,’ Lee’s landlord, Brian Chin, told reporters Sunday night. ‘This guy should never have been out of the street. And it’s DA Alvin Bragg playing politics with people’s lives and the Asian community has been hurt. To have a DA who has won those horrific crimes right on his doorstep. And he doesn’t even bother to show up. It’s disgraceful.’

Nash is pictured being arrested following Sunday’s stabbing at victim Christina Yuna Lee’s apartment

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg faces backlash for allowing career criminal Assamad Nash to remain free after his most recent arrest last month

It is unclear if Nash knew Lee, but according to New York Daily News, investigators recovered surveillance video that shows the suspect following Lee into her building after she was dropped off by a cab.

‘He followed her up all six flights. And she never even knew that he was there,’ Chin said. ‘She walked up six flights of stairs and this man mercilessly stalked her. This was not a crime of mental illness or anything. He stayed one floor below and watched her go up those stairs. And then he moved methodically one flight up at a time. He was absolutely in full control.’ 

The prior allegations against Nash include an attack on a subway straphanger last September, but that alleged assault was deemed insufficiently serious to hold him in custody pending trial, thanks to New York’s woke bail reform laws aimed at lowering the state’s jail population.   

‘Our elected officials need to do something much different,’ Chin said. 

‘My grandparents are Chinese immigrants that came here trying to build themselves up,’ he added. ‘We built up this community and it’s just getting torn down so fast by one district attorney. It’s heart wrenching.’

Chin said Nash should have been in jail and blamed the policies of Bragg, who has faced harsh criticism for his soft-on-crime approach during his first month in office. 

‘This is just so horrific on so many levels,’ Chin said. ‘She did not do anything wrong. She did not deserve this.’

‘If this guy got away, I can’t even imagine what would happen,’ he added. 

Chinatown residents say that the neighborhood is on edge after the brutal random killing. They held a rally Monday afternoon calling on politicians to do something about the homelessness and mental health crisis plaguing the city.

Chinatown community organizers held a rally on Monday after the murder of Christina Yuna Lee to raise awareness to the open-air drug use, mental illness, homelessness and Anti-Asian violence that have plagued the neighborhood

‘This is yet another Asian woman killed in her apartment,’ Chinatown activist Jackie Wong said. ‘She did nothing wrong. The only mistake she made was moving to New York to make the city her home.’ 

Lee’s apartment at 111 Chrystie Street is a block over from the Bowery, which is known for its cluster of food pantries and homeless shelters.

To highlight the trouble in the community, community organizers handing out maps showing the locations of five homeless shelters in the neighborhood with three more planned to be added to the area.

‘Now all of a sudden on top of those five shelters they are dumping three more,’ Chinatown activist Jackie Wong said at the rally. ‘We’re like enough is really enough. That’s why we we are having problems.’

Across the street from her building Sara Roosevelt Park, has been a hot bed of street crime, homelessness and open-air drug use.

 K Webster, the president of the Sara Roosevelt Park Coalition, said that the homeless have been around the neighborhood for decades, but there has been an influx of mentally ill homeless that have created a new danger in the neighborhood.

“We have homeless people who help,’ she said. ‘We have homeless people who stopped a rape. We have homeless people who have who found the guy who assaulted a woman, who helped the police find the culprit. 

So we have had homeless people and that is one category and then we have people who are mentally ill. You can’t have mentally ill people running around the streets.

Her landlord, Chin, told reporters that building has cameras on every floor, and that his family had installed steel doors on all the apartments. 

‘We have such tight security in this building we have steel doors,’ Chin said. ‘It took a swat team over 10 minutes to gain access. These doors are designed to keep monsters out.’

But the suspect still found his way in.   

‘She got out of a cab right here and he followed her,’ Chin said. ‘He grabbed the front door just before it closed. He followed her all the way up, hanging back, staying one floor behind her all the way up to the sixth floor. Then, he waited until her door was just about closed and he went in.’ 

Chin described Lee as a ‘wonderful human being’ whose ‘smile lit up the room.’    

‘She came to the city for the lure of New York, you know, like the Big Apple, the big city, you know, boundless opportunities,’ he said. 

Protester attends rally decrying violence against Asians after murder in Chinatown

According to Lee’s website and LinkedIn page, she’s a New York-based creative producer dealing in national-scale marketing content for select names like Google, Twix, Equinox, TOMS, Cole Haan and ALDO.

‘So much blood. My wife said I should call someone to clean all the blood but I’m going to clean it up myself. It’s the least I can do for that poor girl,’ the building’s owner said.

‘She’s from New Jersey, been here less than a year,’ Chin told The Post. ‘Such a sweet girl. 

Another neighbor, Zyana Salazar, 27, told DailyMail.com: ‘I just feel like he shouldn’t been out on. 

‘He was been let out with no bail. Oh, why was he let out with no bail three times If that’s true, then why was he let out no bail. You know, this is why that happened.’ 

‘I’m mourning this tragic & heartbreaking loss of life,’ New York Governor Kathy Hochul tweeted. 

‘We have seen far too many acts of violence against AAPI New Yorkers in recent months. We must make sure every community is safe in our state.

‘I join New Yorkers standing together in support of our AAPI friends & neighbors.’

New York Mayor Eric Adams similarly condemned the murder.

‘I and New Yorkers across the city mourn for the innocent woman murdered in her home last night in Chinatown and stand with our Asian brothers and sisters today,’ Adams said in a statement on Sunday. 

‘The NYPD is investigating this horrific incident, and I thank them for apprehending the suspect. While the suspect who committed this heinous act is now in custody, the conditions that created him remain. The mission of this administration is clear: We won’t let this violence go unchecked.’ 

Crime in the city has continued to spike, with overall crime having increased 41.65 percent, robbery up nearly 35 percent, and violent felonies up 13.3 percent through February 6 from the same time last year. 

Meanwhile, nearly every police precinct in New York City has reported spikes in crime this year – including five in which the rate has doubled, new data from the New York Police Department shows.

‘No neighborhood is safe,’ one Brooklyn cop told The New York Post on Tuesday, offering a grim forecast for the future of the crime-ravaged city.

‘At this rate, we will lose the city by St. Patrick’s Day.’



1st Precinct – 75%

5th Precinct – 51.67%

6th Precinct – 67.71%

7th Precinct – 75.38%

9th Precinct – 53.7%

10th Precinct – 29.89%

13th Precinct – 55%

Midtown South Precinct – 48.98%

17th Precinct – 91.07%

Midtown North Precinct – 44.78%

19th Precinct – 32.56%

20th Precinct – 26.32%

Central Park Precinct – No change 

23rd Precinct – 12.62%

24th Precinct – 52.63%

25th Precinct – 29.55%



60th Precinct – 4.55%

61st Precinct – 36.19%

62nd Precinct – 65.88%

63rd Precinct – 37.84%

66th Precinct – 44.44%

67th Precinct – 58.04%

68th Precinct – 26.87%

69th Precinct – 105%

70th Precinct – 39.25%

71st Precinct – 30.49%

72nd Precinct – 107.14%

76th Precinct – 60.71%

78th Precinct – 23.19%

73rd Precinct – 35.66%

75th Precinct – 40.07%

77th Precinct – 62.16%

79th Precinct – 4.96% (decrease)

81st Precinct – 19.15%

83rd Precinct – 9.74% (decrease)

84th Precinct – 27.96%

88th Precinct – 21.43%

90th Precinct – 45.05%

94th Precinct – 28.57%



100th Precinct – 66.67%

101st Precinct  – No Change

102nd Precinct – 39.78%

103rd Precinct – 67.44%

105th Precinct – 8.66%

106th Precinct – 67.68%

107th Precinct – 118.06%

113th Precinct – 5.31%

104th Precinct – 29.75%

108th Precinct – 53.47%

109th Precinct – 82.61%

110th Precinct – 142.42%

111th Precinct – 73.44%

112th Precinct – 35.09%

114th Precinct – 18.79%

115th Precinct – 56.89%


 Bronx & Staten Island


40th Precinct – 20.41%

41st Precinct  – 71.95%

42nd Precinct – 20.75%

43rd Precinct – 75%

44th Precinct – 27.59%

45th Precinct – 31.68%

46th Precinct – 43.95%

47th Precinct – 30.91%

48th Precinct – 51.97%

49th Precinct – 51.64%

50th Precinct – 77.92%

52nd Precinct – 9.6%

Staten Island 

120th Precinct – 55.38%

121st Precinct – 31.88%

122nd Precinct – 13.51% (decrease)

123rd Precinct – 39.2

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