Holle Formula: The Benefits of German Baby Formula

Talking about the high-quality formula, you will certainly hear about the European organic brand of baby food Holle. The quality of Holle infant formulas is confirmed by necessary certificates: Demeter and the Green Leaf – the European certification mark for organic food.

It is the only European formula that is certified by Demeter. This is one of the most well-known and influential organic certifications in the world for biodynamic agriculture. Biodynamic agriculture implies the total absence of synthetic pesticides and other fertilizers used to grow crops. By buying organic infant formula with the Demeter label, you can be absolutely sure of the high quality of all its components.

This makes Holle baby food as healthy and safe as possible, even for babies prone to allergies.

Holle formula as balanced nutrition for babies

Holle has been producing organic baby products for more than 85 years in a variety of categories that helps many parents provide a balanced diet for their babies. Holle infant formulas are based both on cow’s and goat’s milk. Holle goat’s milk is an alternative for infants with cow’s milk protein sensitivity.

Holle formula stage 1 is surely one of the best organic formulas for babies from the first days up to six months. This cow’s milk formula features a completely simple and clear list of ingredients. The formula contains exceptionally organic milk from cows raised under biodynamic farming conditions.

For the healthy development of the baby’s nervous system and eyesight, the essential components of the infant formula are omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids. At the age of six months, Holle stage 2 is suitable for babies as a source of all essential nutrients. This stage of baby formula is completely soy-free and does not contain any flavors or preservatives. A great option for continuing a balanced diet for your little one after ten months is Holle formula stage 3.

Holle has relied on naturalness since its inception. The products contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.