Harry and Meghan gave millions to a man who made my life hell, says ex-wife of Russian tycoon

THE wife of the Scarface Russian who sold his home to Harry and Meghan has hit out at their decision to give money to the man who made her life hell.

The couple paid £11million for the nine-bedroom California home owned by billionaire ex-bank boss Sergey Grishin, nicknamed the Scarface Oligarch.

Speaking from Russia about their bitter ongoing court battle, Anna Fedoseeva, told The Sun on Sunday: “He is a dangerous man and destroyed my life.

“Meghan struggles for women’s rights. But in my case, that means just to be alive. It isn’t wise for them to surround themselves with him or anyone affiliated with him.”

Grishin, 54, has boasted of a huge fraud. And court documents reveal he is accused of holding a gun to his estranged wife’s head and knocking out her teeth during a campaign of intimidation.

Anna said she believed Harry and Meghan did not know about her ex-partner but slammed their advisers for a “lack of due diligence” over the purchase.

The 38-year-old said: “Even a simple Google search would have led to court records containing horrific allegations against Sergey.

“He put me through hell, with domestic violence, assaults and threats to me and all my loved ones.

“I am still fear for my life. I do not think it wise for anyone to surround themselves with Sergey Grishin, let alone Harry and Meghan.”

Three years ago, Grishin — who strongly denies the accusations — was asking £26million for the seven-acre Riven Rock site which comes with pool, tennis court, playground, guest quarters and 16 bathrooms.

Harry, 35, and Meghan, 39, moved from LA with one-year-old son Archie to the sprawling home in Montecito, Santa Barbara, in July.

But the deal emerged last week, sparking questions about how they would be part of a deal with an alleged wife-beater, especially as Meghan has just addressed a virtual summit for a feminist website.

Grishin, who began his career selling cookies and hot dogs, was chairman of Rosevrobank when it was at the centre of a money- laundering scandal.

After he sold his stake in 2018, he bragged on  a YouTube video: “I practically brought the Russian banking system to collapse in the 1990s.”

He added: “I stole a lot in Estonia and Russia. It was the largest fraud scheme.”

But it is the court papers’ claims of violence and threats towards women which may cause greater alarm to the Sussexes.

Anna, who said she was spending the weekend camping at an undisclosed location, met Grishin in 2015 and they wed two years later.

She moved with him to California, but their marriage fell apart at the beginning of 2018 when, Anna says, Grishin hacked her computer and discovered pictures of her with pal Jennifer Sulkess.

The friends were making a film through Jennifer’s company. But court papers claim Grishin was “insane with jealousy” and filed for divorce the next month.

Documents allege he started to threaten both women.

He is said to have texted Anna: “All your life and the lives of all your loved ones are at stake now.”

He also reportedly referred to himself as a “killing machine” in “total destruction mode”.

Anna said he accused the pals of having a lesbian affair and sued them in 2018, claiming they tried to steal a fortune from him.

But their counter-suit, set to be heard in LA in October, claims Grishin “sent numerous death threats, violent images and pornographic images” to them.

The papers say in June 2018 he invited Anna to an apartment, pulled out a gun with a silencer, told her he would kill her and ordered her to strip naked.

In the struggle which followed, he is accused of punching Anna in the face and head-butting her, cracking her teeth.

Both Anna and Jennifer took out restraining orders.

Grishin is also involved in legal action with his ex-fiancée Catherine Loginova, with whom he hooked up after splitting from Anna.

A spokesman for Grishin said: “He is the unfortunate victim of a fraud perpetrated by his former wife. He has been obliged to file legal proceedings against her.

“When that fraudulent scheme failed, Ms Fedoseeva made a series of false and highly defamatory allegations.”

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