Guy caps off epic bender by skinny-dipping in shark tank

This suspect is already swimming with the fishes.

Police in Toronto are searching for a man who went skinny-dipping with sharks and other aquatic creatures at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada late Friday. Investigators said the suspect — identified as David Weaver, 37, of British Columbia — approached the open-topped Dangerous Lagoon and removed all of his clothing before jumping into the 766,000-gallon tank.

Weaver then spent several minutes swimming, diving and carousing about the tank before exiting and fleeing. He remained on the lam as of midday Tuesday, a police spokeswoman confirmed to The Post.

“We’re still trying to locate him,” spokeswoman Katrina Arrogante said, adding that it’s unclear exactly why Weaver tried to tempt fate and swim with man-eating sharks.

“We don’t know and all that information will come to light when we speak with him,” Arrongante told The Post. “But in the meantime, this mischief has occurred and he’s wanted for this particular act.”

Police said Weaver is also wanted in connection with an assault that occurred outside Medieval Times about two hours before he jumped into the aquarium tank.

One witness told CBC News that she heard a “big splash” during her visit to the aquarium and thought trainers were preparing to feed the sharks. She then spotted a man inside, seemingly “totally relaxed,” she said.

“He appeared to be totally nude and, like, laughing,” Erinn Acland said. “I don’t know what would possess someone to do that. It’s totally insane to me. I was scared I was going to witness the death of this guy.”

Weaver is believed to be driving a green Dodge Caravan with a British Columbia license plate of PL120G. Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is asked to call Toronto police at (416) 808-1400.

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