Gunmen kill three surgeons and wound another at Rio de Janeiro bar

Terrifying moment gunmen open fire on Rio de Janeiro bar, killing three orthopedic surgeons and wounding another who were visiting for a conference

  • Gunmen executed three surgeons and wounded a fourth at a hotel bar in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Thursday
  • Fatal victims were identified as Dr. Perseu Ribeiro, Dr. Marcos de Andrade and Dr. Diego Bomfim, whose sister and brother-in-law are members of Congress
  • Dr. Daniel Sonnewend was shot three times and is recovering at an area hospital, where he underwent surgery 

This is the horrifying moment gunmen opened fire at a hotel bar in Rio de Janeiro, killing three orthopedic surgeons and wounding another.

Footage of the barbaric attack shows three assailants hopping out of a SUV and shooting at the medical workers on Thursday. 

Thirty-three rounds were let off in just 30 seconds – with one of the attackers seen returning to the vehicle for more ammunition before running back to continue shooting toward one of the doctors who was trying to flee. 

Dr. Perseu Ribeiro, who just turned 33 on Tuesday, and Dr. Marcos de Andrade, 62, were declared dead at the scene. Dr. Diego Bomfim, 35, was rushed to Lourenćo Jorge Hospital, where he died.

Dr. Daniel Sonnewend, 32, was shot three times and is recovering at Lourenćo Jorge Hospital. He underwent surgery and is in stable condition. 

A bar customer runs runs away from the Rio de Janeiro hotel bar where gunmen executed three orthopedic surgeons and wounded a fourth Thursday 

Dr. Marcos de Andrade (left),  Dr. Diego Bomfim (second from left), Dr. Daniel Sonnewend (second from right) and Dr. Perseu Ribeiro (right) took a group photo moments before gunmen opened fire on them at a bar outside the Windsor Hotel in the Rio de Janeiro neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca. Dr. Sonnewend is the only doctor who survived

Gunmen (top left corner) run up to the area where the four orthopedic doctors were sitting before they opened fire and murdered three of them at a bar outside a hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Thursday. No arrests have been made

The surgeons were staying at the Windsor Hotel in the Rio de Janeiro neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca and were going to attend the 6th International Conference of Minimally Invasive Foot and Ankle Surgery, which was set to begin Thursday.

They had taken a group photo and shared it on social media shortly before the gunmen arrived at 12:59 am.

Witnesses told police investigators that the attackers didn’t say anything and fired about 20 shots.

‘There was no conversation, there was no assault, or anything, they just arrived and shot,’ one witness said, as quoted by Brazilian news outlet G1. ‘And it was very, very quick. In a matter of 30 seconds, everything had already happened. It was simply an execution. So, we realized that it wasn’t a robbery exactly.’

Dr. Tannia Mann, who was attending the conference and personally knew the doctors, said she and other surgeons were angered with the brazen attack.

Dr. Marcos de Andrade died on the scene after he was shot by gunmen at a bar outside a Rio de Janeiro hotel on Thursday. The surgeon, one of three who were killed, was 62 years old

Dr. Diego Bomfim (pictured), one of the three doctors who were shot dead, is the brother of São Paulo Congresswoman Sâmia Bomfim

Dr. Perseu Ribeiro one of the three doctors who were murdered at a hotel bar in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday had just turned 33 two days earlier 

Rio de Janiero cops have not made any arrests related to the shooting of four surgeons, including three who died, at a hotel bar on Thursday 

‘We are upset with the loss of these colleagues, we are terrified of coming to an important and global event, with everyone excited, thinking that they are going to study, grow, develop medicine,’ she told G1. ‘And we wake up with the news that colleagues super important people were murdered in a violent and unjustified way.’

Dr. Bomfim is the brother of São Paulo Congresswoman Sâmia Bomfim.

Flávio Dino, the minister of the Justice and Public Security, said the Federal Police is heading the investigation and looking into whether the attack is related to the Congresswoman and her husband, Glauber Braga, a Rio de Janeiro Congressman.

‘We demand an immediate and in-depth investigation to discover the motivations for the crime, as well as the identification and arrest of the executioners,’ Congress members Bomfim and Braga said in a joint statement.

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva lamented the incident with a heartfelt post on X.

 ‘I received with great sadness and indignation the news of the execution of Diego Ralf Bomfim, Marcos de Andrade Corsato and Perseu Ribeiro Almeida on the edge of Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, in the early hours of this Thursday,’ he wrote. ‘My solidarity with the families of the doctors and congresswoman Sâmia Bomfim and congressman Glauber Braga. The Federal Police, under the orders of Minister Flávio Dino, is following the case.’

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