Girl, 2, 'choked to death after mum shoved bread in her mouth for spilling food'

A mum has been charged with murder after her two-year-old daughter choked to death in Russia.

Svetlana Mirzoeva, 28, allegedly shoved a chunk of loaf into the girl’s mouth because she had crumbled bread all over the floor while playing unattended in the family’s home in the city of Omsk.

The mum-of-two wanted to punish the child for ‘spoiling a loaf of bread’, which costs around 39p in the city, police reported.

She is believed to have made the girl sit on her lap as she pushed the big chunk of bread into her mouth until she suffocated.

Mirzoeva only stopped when the child’s arms fell lifeless down her side.

‘She stopped breathing and I tried to pull the bread out of her mouth. Then I realised that she was already dead,’ she told police.

She then persuaded her boyfriend to hide the girl’s body.

The mum added: ‘He [her boyfriend] wrapped the body into a blue towel and put it into a sports bag.

‘Then he went outside and threw the bag away.’

However, the boyfriend, who has not been named, died 10 days later from alcohol intoxication, and it’s not known where he dumped the body.

Mirzoeva went on as if nothing had happened, but was caught after neighbours noticed the girl’s disappearance and called the police.

A spokesperson for the Investigative Committee in Russia said: ‘The mother was seen walking only with her little son while her daughter was not around.

‘Some neighbours became suspicious and reported the girl’s disappearance to the police.

‘Speaking with detectives, the woman confessed to murdering her child.’

Her son, three, who is said to have witnessed the murder has been taken to an orphanage.

Mirzoeva has been charged with murder five days ago and remains in police custody.

The incident took place around one month ago, police said.

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