Georgia poll machine mishap delays voting across key county

A major county in Georgia had a rough start to Election Day after a glitch caused every single voter machine to not function properly.

Election officials in Spalding County, Ga., declined to immediately provide details on the cause of the county-wide outage, but announced in a Facebook post late Tuesday morning that the issue had been resolved.

Speaking to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Spalding County Manager William Wilson said the problem was related to voting touchscreens not accepting voter access cards.

All of the county’s 21 precincts were impacted by the glitch, causing voters to come in early Tuesday to vote by paper ballot.

The glitch, according to local station FOX 5 Atlanta, was discovered shortly after voting began on Tuesday.

The Journal-Constitution reported that election officials sent 2,000 provisional ballots to each precinct as a result of the problem.

The county will not, however, stay open later to accommodate the longer wait times unless they receive a court order otherwise.

This is because anyone who arrives at the polls and is standing in line to vote before the precinct closes will be permitted to vote, officials told local station WSB-TV 2.

The county, located over 35 miles south of Atlanta, went significantly in favor of President Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016, taking in a solid 60.3 percent to her 36 percent, respectively.

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