Furious soldiers slam army chiefs after 'taking lessons on healthy eating from obese squaddies'

Photographs of overweight female soldiers have been shared online after it was claimed one cooked for the Royal Fusiliers and another gave advice on nutrition.

Frustrated soldiers told The Daily Mail the obese soldiers would be useless in a real battlefield as they are so out of shape.

Soldiers now want the Army to take a tougher stance on "fatties in the ranks".

One said they had been lectured by an overweight instructor about nutrition, saying: "Her advice was sound on proteins and carbohydrates and when to eat or avoid certain foods, but her message was lost on some people because of her appearance.

"It’s just not right people wearing the uniform when they’re in that condition. You want somebody giving you nutrition lectures who looks super-fit because then the blokes are inspired by that person."

Cruel memes, including one labelled: "I don't always teach healthy eating lectures but when I do, I have to stitch two stable belts together to fit into a uniform", have since been shared online.

It comes after it was revealed nearly 9,000 Army troops have been diagnosed as obese.

The two heaviest soldiers to be dismissed from the Army last year weighed 24 and 25 stone respectively.


It was last year reported that one in five Army, Navy and RAF personnel have been told they are at risk of serious health problems such as heart disease and strokes.

Figures obtained under Freedom of Information laws show 30,529 personnel are at high or extreme risk because of their weight.

Some 17,600 have a body mass index above 30, officially classing them as obese.

The number is up 70 per cent in three years.

Former infantry commander Colonel Richard Kemp said it was "embarrassing", adding: "These individuals would be a danger to themselves and others in any sort of fighting situation.

"They are expensive to retain and to do so is a waste of resources."

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said: "“Healthy living and fitness in the Armed Forces is of vital importance.

"Our personnel are required to pass our challenging fitness tests, and those who do not pass are provided with diet and fitness support, in order to reach and maintain a healthy weight."

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