Furious mobile phone customer shoots female staff 'because his bill was too high' in Turkish store

A CUSTOMER shot two phone shop workers in a fit of rage because his bill was too high.

The 55-year-old man named only as P.T was captured on CCTV blasting two shop clerks in a brutal attack in Sakarya in Turkey yesterday.

One worker Ahsen Demirci, 28, drops to her knees as the crazed gunman pulls out a gun and storms towards the till.

The man was previously spotted sitting down with a worker before beginning his rampage.

Demirci was blasted in the head while her colleague Tugce Nur Yilmaz, 36, was shot in the stomach as she hid in the back office according to Turkish media.

P.T was arrested a short time later and cops seized the gun used in the attack.

The two victims were rushed to hospital where their condition has been described as serious.

He told cops afterwards: “I did it due to instant rage.”

Local media report P.T. had been having an argument with Demirci about his phone tariff being too high when he pulled the gun out.

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