Explosive device found near George Soros’ New York home

Bomb squad detonates explosive device found in a mailbox at billionaire investor George Soros’ New York state home after quick-thinking employee picked it up and rushed it into woodland

  • An explosive device was found outside the home of investor George Soros
  • Police in New York responded to a call from an employee about the suspicious package
  • The employee placed the package in a wooded area until police arrived 
  • Bomb squad technicians reportedly ‘proactively detonated’ the explosive device
  • The billionaire business magnate was not at home at the time of the incident

An explosive device was found in the mailbox of investor George Soros’ home on Monday afternoon, police said.

Police in northern Westchester, New York responded at 3.45pm to a call from an employee at the residence, reporting the suspicious package.

‘An employee of the residence opened the package, revealing what appeared to be an explosive device,’ police said in a statement.

‘The employee placed the package in a wooded area.’ Soros was not home at the time.

An explosive device was found outside the home of billionaire investor George Soros, police said Monday. Soros was not home at the time

The New York Times reported that bomb squad technicians ‘proactively detonated’ the device. 

Federal officials are currently investigating further. 

Soros, 88, a prominent supporter of the Democratic party which he has frequently funded, has been a target of conservative conspiracy theorists. 

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Recently, conservative critics have, without evidence, accused him of secretly financing a caravan of Central American migrants to make their way north toward Mexico and the U.S.

Others have falsely accused him of being a Nazi collaborator during World War II, when he was a child in Hungary. 

Soros is a target of a hostile media campaign by the nationalist government in his native Hungary and a hate figure for right-wing campaigners in eastern Europe and the United States. 

Activists frequently post the addresses of homes he owns in Westchester County, north of New York City, on social media sometimes accompanied by ill wishes. 

Police responded to the scene outside the investor’s residence in Katonah, New York

The billionaire business magnate rose to fame and fortune more than two decades ago on a now-historic trade, in which he took on the Bank of England and shrewdly wagered on a devaluation of the British pound.

This led to his moniker – The Man Who Broke the Bank of England.

The move made him $1billion.

Soros was born in Budapest, studied at the London School of Economics and holds dual Hungarian-American citizenship.

After selling seaside souvenirs he managed to get a foot on the financial ladder with a job at Singer & Friedlander in London in 1954, before settling in the US.

He went on to become one of the richest people in the world through fund management.   

As of 2018, his net worth was reported at $8.3billion.

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