Expecting couple ridiculed for Meal Train page requesting Paleo meals

‘High maintenance’ parents-to-be are ridiculed online for launching crowdfunding page requesting friends cook them elaborate meals like Paleo breakfast muffins and do their chores after their baby is born

  • Philadelphia couple Jim and Alex Burns have come under fire for their high-maintenance Meal Train page
  • They’re expecting their first baby on April 29 and set up the page for help  
  • The page is intended to help friends organize and drop off home-made meals after a baby is born 
  • However Jim Burns listed 30 elaborate, healthy and Paleo recipes he wanted 
  • The couple also requested friends and neighbors come by for ‘mental-health checks’ and help out with their chores like vacuuming or washing the dishes
  • The pair were branded ‘high maintenance’ after page was shared on Twitter
  • By Friday evening, the couple’s Meal Train page was shut down 

A Philadelphia couple expecting their first child have sparked outrage for requesting high-maintenance, Paleo-friendly, and elaborate meals from their friends on a crowdsourcing page. 

Jim and Alex Burns, of Fishtown, are expecting their first child on April 29. 

To prepare, the couple set up a profile on Meal Train – a website that allows friends and loved ones to make home-cooked meals and deliver them to those who are sick, or in the Burns’ case, have just welcomed a baby.  

But the Burns’ went overboard with their Meal Train listing, writing in more than 30 specific recipes they’d like delivered, and then sharing it to a neighborhood’s social network.

Recipes included elaborate options like ‘Paleo breakfast egg muffins with thinly sliced cremini mushrooms, pork breakfast sausage and three tablespoons of melted and cooled ghee’.

Other requests included ‘Spiced lentil, sweet potato and kale whole wheat pockets’.

The soon-to-be-dad also said that if the couple didn’t want to be ‘distracted’ by people bringing them food, he would ‘put a big white cooler in our side yard’.

Philadelphia couple Jim and Alex Burns have come under fire for their high-maintenance Meal Train page, where they requested friends do their chores and cook them Paleo meals

The couple is expecting their first child on April 29 and created the Meal Train page to ask for friends to drop off home-made meals following the baby delivery. But their requests have come under fire for being high-maintenance and overly demanding

Jim wrote on the page: ‘As the father-to-be, I’m teetering on a fence of emotions. One of the things I’m most afraid of is not getting a great deal of sleep and as a result not being in the best frame of mind to offer my wife the support she needs to recover from the child-birthing process.

‘That’s why I’m putting together this “Meal-Train” or “Mental-health check-in train” or “Do you need any help today train”. A meal would be awesome. If you feel comfortable reaching out before you arrive to see if we might need anything else – that’d be even more awesome.’ 

The Burns then listed their least favorite meals – like mashed potatoes – and dietary restrictions. 

The Burns shared the posting on a neighborhood social network page, leading one neighbor to post about the bizarre crowdfund page on Twitter

The recipes: The Burns shared a long list of the specific recipes they wanted friends to make

This Twitter shared screenshots of the Meal Train page before it was deleted, calling out the couple for their over the top demands

Under Special Instructions on the page he went on to note that the couple would appreciate having friends check in on them by lending a hand with the chores. 

‘”Meal train” is loose. We’re looking for a “check-in train” to have people check-in on us to see if we need or want anything as we acclimate to the new routine. That might mean a meal or some snack staples yes, or it may been stopping by and walking the dog, or doing some dishes, or simply bringing your smile and some conversation.’

They posted the crowdfunding page in their neighborhood’s social network, inviting complete strangers to help out. 

A neighbor then shared the post on Twitter where the couple faced immediate backlash for their high maintenance favor.  

‘Amazon Prime and Door Dash/Uber Eats/Grub Hub all exist. I’m all for a meal train but aside from actual allergies from food , you should be grateful for what you get. I also get the Check Ins but JEEZ they are high maintenance,’ one Twitter user said.  

‘So basically, he’s not sure he’ll get enough sleep to be able to step up and help his wife with the household duties, and he’s asking the neighborhood to that s**t FOR him,’ one outraged Twitter user wrote.    

Backlash: Twitter users were up in arms over the couple’s over the top demands, saying they could have premade such specific and elaborate meals themselves and stored it in a freezer


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