'Delusional' Putin showing signs of 'brain tumour or multiple sclerosis' as he marks 71st birthday as 'dead man walking' | The Sun

SICKLY Putin is showing signs of a brain tumour or multiple sclerosis as he marks his 71st birthday as a "dead man walking".

Speculation over the Russian president's health has hit an all-time high amid rampant rumours of body doubles, cancer treatment, and even a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease.

On top of his health problems, some experts believe Putin's diabolical failures over the Ukraine war mean his days are numbered – and his 71st birthday could be his last.

Intelligence analysts and experts have spotted changes in Putin’s appearance, speech or posture during his public appearances – and believe it points to evidence of his faltering health.

Documents leaked to The Sun suggest ongoing treatment for cancer – while some theories claim he is suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Rumours over his health began to swirl once more after September's crunch meeting with Kim Jong-Un.

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The Russian leader was spotted mysteriously switching his foot throughout the meeting, appearing shaky and restless while sitting alongside the North Korean tyrant.

He was also seen making repetitive knee jerks – with the former spy visibly struggling to control his left leg.

Although nothing has been officially revealed about Putin's health by the Kremlin, his recent symptoms could point to a number of issues.

According to behavioural psychology expert, Justin Gasparovic, Putin has been showing symptoms similar to those who suffer with strokes, migraines, multiple sclerosis, and brain tumours.

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He told The Sun: "Putin is reportedly enduring a slew of distressing symptoms, including severe head pain, blurred vision, and a peculiar numbness in his tongue and right-side limbs.

“As someone deeply engrossed in understanding human behaviour and physiology, these symptoms signal possible severe underlying health issues.

“If President Putin is indeed facing such health challenges, it might not only affect his physical capacity but could also impact his decision-making, stress levels, and overall psychological well-being."

Some wild theories even claim that Putin is, in fact, already dead.

Analysts have suggested body doubles are being used for the world leader – regardless of whether he’s still breathing or not.

According to Russian opposition sources, Kim did not meet the real president during his September visit – and instead convened with a doppelganger dictator – or even several lookalikes.

Kyiv-based political strategist Jason Jay Smart believes the 71-year-old is using body doubles as his health starts to deteriorate.

"He’s turning 71, he’s going to have the normal symptoms of age that come with that," he told The Sun.

"Whether it’s within his own memory, his stubbornness and, clearly, his delusional behaviour.

"He does seem to have an elaborate system of body doubles, which are used for most of the public events he has.

"He’s quite paranoid about Covid and other diseases, so he doesn’t like meeting the public – hence the use of body doubles.

"Given all these factors combined, even if we see the real Putin next week, it could be anyone. The fact is, his health is a highly regarded secret."

In July last year, the director of the CIA dismissed rumours that the then-69-year-old was in bad health.

Speaking at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado last year, William Burns said there was no evidence to suggest Putin’s decline – joking he appeared "too healthy".

Things, however, took a major turn when explosive spy documents leaked to The Sun last November appeared to confirm the Russian leader has both pancreatic cancer and early stage Parkinson's disease.

Five months later, documents suggesting he might have been having chemotherapy were leaked in April.

But it is the claims made first hand by Ukrainian and Russian officials that have raised eyebrows the most.

Speaking to ABC News in January, Ukraine’s military intelligence chief, Kyrylo Budanov, revealed that Putin has been sick "for a long time".

He said: “I am sure he has cancer. I think he will die very quickly. I hope very soon.”

But the strongest statement yet on Putin's health came from Russian political analyst Dr Valery Solovey.

Speaking to opposition channel Khodorkovsky.Live, he said: "He is in such a physical state that – and I am saying it very calmly – he will not make it through this autumn.

"Let me stress: he [Putin] will not survive this autumn."

As Putin’s birthday rolls around, a month of the autumn has already passed.

For now, Putin supposedly remains alive, but whether he will live long enough to celebrate his 72nd birthday next year is another matter.

If Putin’s health doesn’t kill him off within the next year, there is a strong belief that his diabolical Ukraine war will be the end of him.

The Russian president has already survived six assassination attempts during his time in power.

And with Russia’s embarrassing struggles to overthrow Ukraine continuing to pile up, there are likely to be more.

Anton Geraschenko, adviser to Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, is convinced that Putin is already a dead man walking.

He told The Sun: “When Putin invaded Ukraine, did he think this would become his last war? Of course not. He had a very different plan.

“Those who started this war will be killed, sentenced, some will commit suicide – history can show us a few examples so we know what to expect.

“Essentially, Putin has already lost. He is in fact already dead. Now his regime is in agony and is trying to drag as many people as possible with it."

Although the Russian strongman will try to remain in power for as long as possible, a sudden ending for Putin is becoming increasingly likely.

Mr Geraschenko believes it is only a matter of time before Ukraine reigns victorious and the leader will be ousted.

“There is just one question now,” he said.

"How soon and at what price will Putin be removed from power?

"To be honest, I think that the real question and issue here is how soon will Ukraine get everything it needs to win the war and weaken Putin's regime irreparably."

Speaking to The Sun, Professor Anthony Glees said the tyrant could even end it all with his "golden pistol" rather than being ousted from power.

The intelligence expert from the University of Buckingham said: "I think there is a very good chance that this will be his last birthday and that would be excellent news.

"The only way the scourge of Putin will be taken from us, and in particular from the awful suffering of the people of Ukraine, is if he is killed and the second best would be a coup that would overthrow him.

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"He may be looking at the golden pistol on his desk thinking, yep, times up.

"If he is sufficiently terrified, yes he could reach for that gun."

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