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Dad left with red 'claw marks' down his back after he was 'attacked by the ghost of tortured soldier in Wigan prison'

In spine-chilling footage, Sean Reynolds is seen urging the spirit to make itself known before there is a loud smashing sound and the dad-of-three cries out in pain.

The paranormal investigator, 35, was exploring the cellar of the Stork Inn in Wigan, Greater Manchester, which is believed to have been a parliamentarian jail where cavaliers were tortured.

After sensing a ‘demonic’ presence, Sean tried to get a response from the entity but didn't expect to be the victim of a paranormal attack that left visible and sore scratches down his back.

Sean from Liverpool, Merseyside, said: “I heard a loud sound which I now know was a light bulb smashing and then felt a sharp pain in my back.

“It felt like somebody had really clawed into me. I was in agony.

“I called out to Paul and Jane over our walkie talkies and they came down to the cellar to check on me.

"They could see these big red scratch marks down my back.

“I have never experienced anything like that before. I’ve never been left with a physical injury from a paranormal encounter.

“You hear about it happening and you question ‘it it true?’ because I never thought anything could be dark and dangerous enough to do that. But now I know.

“The attack was pretty scary stuff. I knew there was something demonic down there but it must have been really dark to actually be able to smash the bulb and claw me like that.

“I think it was probably one of the soldiers who used to torture cavaliers down there.

“In their lifetimes they were out to kill – they were out for blood.

"And if they didn’t want me down there now, they wouldn’t hesitate to make themselves known.

“This is definitely one experience I will remember forever. It really made a mark on me.”

Now a presenter and producer of his own paranormal investigation series Ghost Dimension, Sean’s first encounter with the spirit world was when he was a teenager.

Aged 15, Sean woke in the middle of the night to the ghost of a ‘big fella’ sat on the end of his bed wearing a lumberjack jacket and stroking his dog.

But the dad didn’t explore the paranormal again until he met his wife Rebecca Palmer, 34, and the couple now live in a cemetery with their three kids.

Sean said: “It all started when I was 15. I remember waking up and my dog Sam was asleep on the end of my bed and when I moved the cover I could see this guy sat stroking him.

“A big ghostly fella and he was wearing a lumberjack jacket. Being a teenager I just pulled the cover over my head and went back to sleep.

“But when I told my mum the next day, she told me it sounded exactly like someone she knew who had died.

“I never stopped believing but I didn’t get back into exploring the paranormal properly until I met Rebecca.”

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