Dachshund named Dodger ‘torn apart’ by cars after being thrown off school bus he’d sneaked onto with six-year-old owner – The Sun

A FAMILY dog has been torn to pieces after being kicked off a school bus he sneaked on to be with his beloved six-year-old owner.

A heartbroken family have revealed their horrific ordeal, after discovering their beloved Dachshund-Chuhuahua mix in pieces along a heavy road in Florence, South Carolina.

Stan and Crystal Alexander said little Dodger followed their 6-year-old daughter on the bus as she embarked for school last Friday.

After discovering Dodger was on board, the young girl reportedly asked the bus driver if he could be let off at the next stop so he could safely return home.

The family’s heartbreak is compounded by what the driver did next.

Ms Alexander said: “The lady refused and just put the dog out on a busy highway– not even close to our house.”

Dodger was kicked off the bus where he was subsequently struck and killed by busy traffic.

The dog’s body had been so badly damaged and dismembered by passing cars that there were too many parts for the family to pick up.

Ms Alexander said: “I broke down in the middle of the road… I had to stop traffic. I was going to try to pick him up in the road but they were just so many pieces.”

“I just don’t understand how something like that just happened just that quick.

“And she [the bus driver] not let anybody know anything.”

Dodger was not only a beloved family dog, but also provided therapy for Mr Alexander who has suffered four strokes.

Mr Alexander said the dog meant the world to him and helped get him through some tough times.

He explained: "He’s the best friend I ever had in my life. He was there all the time.”

“When I needed somebody, he was there. His love for me– all he did was love me.”

“I just want him to be back home. But he’s gone for good– in pieces– and it tears me up inside.”

The family this week met with school administrators in an effort to view the school bus video of the incident. They said they weren't allowed to see the video but were told what happened.


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A spokesman for the local Florence One Schools district said an investigation is now underway, and that “appropriate personnel actions will be taken.”

Jayne Boswell, from the Florence Area Humane Society, says the "horrible tragedy easily could have been avoided" and the dog’s life spared.

She is now calling for a criminal investigation into the bus driver’s behaviour.

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