Cruel nanny throws 6-day-old baby around 'like a toy' and slaps his feet in horror footage

A NANNY allegedly threw a six-day-old baby around ‘like a toy’ in horrifying security footage.

The newborns father, Mr Tian, saw the childminder slap, hit and throw his baby boy around while watching home surveillance on his phone, he told police.

The footage appears to show 50-year-old Ms Wang roughly handle the baby as he lies on the bed.

Other videos, recorded between July 31 and August 1, show her hit and slap the crying tot in the early hours of the morning.

Mr Tian’s wife shared the clips with several Chinese bloggers on the messaging platform WeChat. 

She claims the nanny handled her child violently while looking after him at their home in Shahe in China's Hebei province.

Police launched an investigation after the video went viral on Monday.

According to the police statement, Mr Tian, 26, claimed to have seen Ms Wang whacking his son’s hands, feet and buttocks on camera.

He said he was watching home security footage on his phone at 6pm on August 1.

There was a “dispute” between Mr Tian and Ms Wang, and on the morning of August 3 he went to the nannying agency with his brother to complain about the alleged mistreatment of his son. 

The two men argued with Ms Wang outside the building and Mr Tian deliberately damaged her car with a tool.

Police say she was “frightened” and went to hospital for treatment.

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