Cristiano Ronaldo’s team ‘ran up $1million bill silencing woman

Cristiano Ronaldo’s clean-up team of ‘sweepers’ ‘ran up $1million bill silencing woman’s rape claim against him’

  • Model Kathryn Mayorga, 25, claims she was raped by the footballer in Las Vegas
  • His team of lawyers have racked up a $1million bill to keep the allegations quiet
  • Ms Mayorga’s lawyers want to overturn the $375,000 confidentiality agreement  

Cristiano Ronaldo’s team of lawyers spent up to $1million silencing a woman’s rape claim against him, it has been revealed.

The Portuguese footballer met model Kathryn Mayorga, 34, in a Las Vegas nightclub in June 2009 and later invited her to a party at his penthouse, which is where the model claims he raped her. 

The 33-year-old footballer denied the allegations, maintaining sex was consensual, and enlisted the help of the highest powered lawyers, detectives, forensic experts, doctors and PR specialists to protect his image. 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s team of high-powered lawyers racked up to $1million silencing Kathryn Mayorga (right), 34, claim against the footballer

The model accused the footballer of raping her later after she was invited to a party at his penthouse in 2009

When Ronaldo told his Portuguese lawyer Carlos Osório de Castro about the claims the model was putting forward, a ‘team’, which included a top UK law firm and £360-per-hour ex-police officer and forensic expert, was created. 

  • Las Vegas police say they want to question Cristiano Ronaldo…

    Three more claims against Cristiano Ronaldo are investigated…

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The ‘team’, as they are referred to in legal paper, immediately set out to protect Ronaldo and racked up a $1million legal bill in the process.

But the team felt the amount was necessary in order to protect their client’s reputation and prevent any chance of him being facing a life sentence. 

They also wanted to protect his public image and stop the allegations from being leaked.

The footballer has always maintained that sex between him and Ms Mayorga was consensual

Cristiano Ronaldo with current girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez are seen during the Group H match of the UEFA Champions League between Juventus and BSC Young Boys at Allianz Stadium on October 2, 2018

Leslie Mark Stovall (above), Kathryn Mayorga’s attorney, speaks during a press conference on October 3, 2018, in Las Vegas, about the rape accusation against Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo told his Portugese lawyer Carlos Osorio de Castro (above) who immediately set out to create a team to protect the footballer

However Ms Mayorga’s lawyers now want to overturn the $375,000 (£287,000) confidentiality agreement she signed.

Last week Ms Mayorga’s lead attorney Leslie Stovall demanded a probe into the team’s conduct from Scotland Yard, Greater Man­­chester Police, England’s At­­­­torney Gen­­eral, the FBI, and the attorney generals of Ireland, Italy and California.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s new Las Vegas attorney, Peter S. Christiansen, talks in Las Vegas on October  10 2010 about a statement he released in response to rape allegations against the international  star

The Las Vegas lawyer said: ‘We have asked these agencies to determine whether Ron­­­­aldo and any individuals and organisations associated with him have violated any laws within their jurisdiction.’

He added that the non-disclosure deal was designed to ‘pre­vent or de­­­lay criminal prosecution’ of the alleged assault.    

However Ronaldo’s new lawyer Peter S. Christiansen, hit back at the ‘outrageous allegations’ and stating there was nothing suspicious about the footballer the payout of $350,000 (£266,000) to Ms Mayorga.

He insisted: ‘This settlement is by no means a confession of guilt.’ 

He also claimed that paperwork published by German magazine Der Spiegel had been hacked from computers and altered in order to make the footballer appear guilty.

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