Cops suffer head injuries after being 'thrown across the room' in cannabis arrest at Nottingham hotel room

TWO police officers suffered head injuries after being punched and thrown across a hotel room during a drug arrest.

The cops had been called to the hotel in Nottingham by staff after a bag of cannabis was found in a room.

After he attempted to flee, the officers tried to detain him.

But the suspect launched into a violent attack – punching and kicking both cops before throwing them across the room.

Both officers were taken to hospital where they were treated for head and leg injuries following the attack on Tuesday.

The suspect was arrested on suspicion of assaulting two police officers, theft and possession with intent to supply cannabis.

Nottinghamshire Police confirmed a large bag of cannabis was later seized from the room, along with a stolen handbag, bank card and laptop.

PC Jeremy Beard said: "Both officers bravely continued to detain a suspect despite suffering injuries. They used PAVA spray and needed further emergency assistance from officers to make the arrest.

"This kind of violence against police officers simply doing their job is utterly unacceptable and will never be tolerated.

"Officers pull on their uniforms and head out on patrol every day with the same objective in mind – to protect the public from harm and return home in the same condition.

“They simply do not deserve to be assaulted and abused during the course of their duties.

"In this instance both officers involved have since been discharged from hospital and their welfare is being fully supported, but it is certainly a timely reminder of the risks faced by officers every day."

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