Construction worker shot dead in NYC

A construction worker was shot dead on City Island Wednesday by a gunman whose bicycle escape was cut short when he was hit by a vehicle nearby, cops say.

The 52-year-old woman was shot multiple times while she was on her lunch break at City Island Avenue and City Island Road at about 12:45 p.m., according to cops.

The 52-year-old gunman — who wasn’t immediately identified — then jumped on a bicycle and tried to ride off, but was struck by a fellow construction worker behind the wheel of a car and arrested by cops soon after, according to sources.

The victim was taken to Jacobi hospital where she died, police said.

The shooter was also taken to the hospital for injuries from the crash, cops said.

Cops believe the shooting stemmed from a domestic dispute between the two.

A witness, who owns a nearby property but would not give his name, told The Post that the gunman used to bring lunch to the construction worker.

“This guy used to bring her sandwiches every day but then he brought bullets,” he said.

Gigi Lyons, a City Island resident, said the shooting was “unacceptable.”

city-island-shooting-42The suspect, who fled on a bicycle was struck by a

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