CNN crew member injured as they narrowly escape Russian bombing

CNN’s Clarissa Ward showed footage of her and her crew getting a scare as they were forced to take cover in a stairwell while covering the war in Ukraine. Appearing Monday on Anderson Cooper 360, Ward said she and her team were following paramedics in Kharkiv, which is particularly dangerous as Russia has adopted a “double tap” strategy in which they bomb the same place several minutes apart in an attempt to take out rescuers searching for survivors.

As the paramedics responded to a call about a man who had been injured by Russian shelling of an apartment building — Russia continues to target civilians — they were forced to take cover in the apartment building next door.

Several explosions can be heard in the video, as the camera shakes from the impact. One of Ward’s team members needed medical attention because she had sliced her hands on broken glass. The blasts also blew out a window on the ambulance.

Ultimately, Ward and her team had no other choice but to run to their vehicle and flee the area as quickly as possible.

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