CIA official who 'took down bin Laden' calls BLM protesters 'semi-human mob and Trump enemies' who 'need to be punished'

A TOP CIA official who worked to "take down bin Laden" called Black Lives Matter protesters a "semi-human mob and Trump enemies" who "need to be punished".

Michael Scheuer referred to the group of demonstrators in posts on his blog, claiming they are among twelve groups of people trying to destroy "the republic."

Once the chief of the CIA's Osama bin Laden Unit, Scheuer analyzed al Qaeda pre-9/11, from 1995 to 1999, The Daily Beast reported.

He left the CIA in 2004.

Now, Scheuer has slammed Black Lives Matter and pushed conspiracy theories in his blog posts and podcast.

In one July post, Scheuer listed Black Lives Matter "rioters/assassins" and "members" as having a "stinking, racist, and semi-human mob."

He called the groups "enemies" of the republic, and alleged they need to be "punished."

"Having given Democrats and their allies every chance to accept the Constitution, recognize the rule of law, and manfully accept the punishments they will be proven to fully merit, the response to their defiance can only be violent, completely merciless, and final," Scheuer wrote.

Other groups he listed as "enemies" include donors and professors of Ivy League universities, those involved in Jeffery's Epstein pedophile ring, doctors and teachers that pushed to close schools amid the coronavirus pandemic, and political figures that have slashed police budgets.

In December 2019, Scheuer showed his support for pro-Trump conspiracy group QAnon in a blog post.

In another post on September 1, Scheuer again referred to demonstrators as a "criminal mob."

"For any American hardwired to see the world and act in it with commonsense, it should be clear that there are no good reasons to use the word 'protestors' to refer to those who are rioting, burning, killing, and terrorizing U.S. cities and their inhabitants," Scheuer wrote.

"American citizens equipped with commonsense likewise know that the criminal mob they face is not a mix of peaceful protestors and BLM/ANTIFA gangsters.

"Rather, it is a murderous mob composed of those who are committing the violence and those who are abetting and cheering-on the violent actors," he claimed.

He then called protesters "sub-humans from all races."

In the same post, he called Kyle Rittenhouse – the 17-year-old charged with killing two people and injuring another in a shooting during a Wisconsin protest – a "hero."

Scheuer claimed Rittenhouse "did his duty to his community."

"He risked his life to help neighbors fend off attackers, and used the 2nd Amendment’s provisions to preserve his own life and the lives and properties of others," the former top CIA official wrote.

Since leaving the CIA, some of Shueuer's former colleagues have expressed "concern" over his turn, The Daily Beast reported.

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