Chris Cuomo slams Trump over Barron’s Covid fight and says he’d have put an ICE PICK through his eye to spare his family

CHRIS Cuomo slammed President Trump over his son Barron’s Covid fight, and said he’d have put an ICE PICK through his eye to spare his own family.

The CNN host's rip on the president came on his Wednesday night show, Cuomo Prime Time.

"How can Trump keep holding potential superspreader events that will sicken other folks and maybe their kids? After what their own family has been through," Cuomo said.

"I got my wife and son sick just like he did – but with me, it crushed me. It left me ashamed and super sensitive to keeping safe.

"Now with Trump, not only does he not talk about either of them that much, but he’s parading around like Superman and saying he understands Covid better now.

Cuomo questioned: "If he does, why is he doing things that will only make it worse for others?"

The CNN host was diagnosed with coronavirus in March – and shared his battle against the virus as he was home for a few weeks.

Trump and Melania revealed their Covid diagnoses on October 2.

Although President Trump and the First Lady revealed they tested positive nearly two weeks ago, it was not until Wednesday that Melania disclosed their son, Barron, 14, had also tested positive.

Just a little more than a week later, Trump was speaking to hundreds of people, maskless outside the White House – despite not having yet tested negative for the virus.

As Cuomo spoke with Mary Trump, the president's estranged niece, the CNN host said he would have gone to extremes to save his own family.

"First of all, I am inexpressively relieved that my cousin is ok, but let's be honest: He was put into a dangerous situation by his parents who have not been taking adequate precautions," she said.

Cuomo went on, adding that he did not understand Trump's response to his own son catching the virus.

The CNN host said: I gladly would have put an ice pick through my eye" if it meant his family would not catch the virus.

Trump, Melania, and Barron have all since tested negative for Covid-19.

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