Chris Cuomo slammed for joking he's 'black on the inside' as furious viewers compare CNN host to 's****y' brother Andrew

CHRIS Cuomo has been blasted on Twitter after he joked that he's "black on the inside" while talking to Don Lemon.

The controversial comment came after the CNN host, 50, began singing the words to '70s sitcom Good Times which featured an African American family.

Upon hearing Cuomo's rendition, Lemon laughed and asked: "How do you know all the words to Good Times?"

To which Cuomo – who is the brother of beleaguered New York governor Andrew – replied: "You know I'm black on the inside."

While the two hosts appeared to be sharing a joke, critics on Twitter did not see the funny side.

Journalist Aisha Staggers wrote: "Black is not a costume, I don't get to be white when I don't feel like not dealing with racism or racist police or just regular bulls**t black people deal with.

"I can't even hide at home because I can be killed there in my bed, so understand, there was nothing silly about this."

She added: "Black isn't something you can just say you feel you are inside without having to deal with the racism that comes with being physically Black on the outside. This is cultural appropriation."

Some social media users compared Chris to his brother Andrew who is facing multiple allegations of sexual harassment – claims he denies.

One person asked if the journalist was “competing for s**tiest Cuomo.”

Another said: "That entire household needs to talk less."

"We had to turn off the television because I’m not here for that nonsense. @CNN needs to have some sensitivity training with their on-air personalities" a third tweeted.

Another account posted: "@ChrisCuomo just said he was black on the inside. This spoilt, entitled guy raised in money and privilege, who is only on TV because of his surname."

Yet, some people said they didn't find the "hilarious" exchange offensive.

One said: "Yes. Chris was singing the goodtimes theme and Don asked him how does he know the words. Chris said you know I'm black on the inside. It was hilarious. I loved it."

Andrew Cuomo denies all allegations of misconduct made against him.

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