China opens FIRE just 12 miles from Taiwan as enormous military drills 'blockade' island and defenders 'blast drones' | The Sun

CHINA launched unprecedented live fire military drills as close as 12 miles from Taiwan's shores this morning – as the island's defenders opened fire at suspected Beijing drones.

Taiwan's defence ministry said it fired warning shots at unidentified aircraft flying over its Kinmen islands on Wednesday night.

Taiwan has been on high alert as China conducts a series of war games in response to a visit by US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Polosi to the island this week.

Major General Chang Zone-sung told Reuters that a group of Chinese drones flew into the Kinmen area twice on last night at around 9pm and 10pm local times (2pm UK time).

He said his troops "immediately fired flares to issue warnings and to drive them away".

"After that, they turned around. They came into our restricted area and that's why we dispersed them," he said.


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"We have a standard operating procedure. We will react if they come in."

Kinmen islands are a heavily-armed fortress just off the southeastern coast of China.

Maj Gen Chang said he believed the drones were trying to father intelligence on Taiwan's security around the outlaying islands.

Last week, Taiwan fired flares at a drone that "glanced" that was believed to be probing defences at the Matsu archipelago near China's Fujian province, Taiwan's defence military said.

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It comes as China brought the world a step closer to nuclear when its navy ships and military aircraft crossed the median line in the Taiwan Strait Thursday morning, a Reuters correspondent has claimed.

The correspondent claimed 10 Chinese navy warships and multiple aircraft crossed the country's maritime border.

China fired long-range rockets towards Taiwan in the latest military drills taking place in the Taiwan Strait.

In response, Taiwan triggered its missiles systems to track Chinese fighter jets near the median line while navy ships remained close by to monitor China's navy activity.

Smoke trails from rocket launcher fire from the precision strikes on a specific area in eastern Taiwan Straits were seen Thursday evening, according to a Chinese blog.

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