Candace Owens says 'Reddit rally' traders will be called 'terrorists' & cancelled as Google scrubs Robinhood reviews

CANDACE Owens says social media traders could be branded "terrorists" as Google deleted thousands of bad Robinhood reviews after the app stopped trading in so called "Reddit Rally" shares.

Several Robinhood users reported problems with the platform after the investment company clamped down on GameSTop and AMC stocks, claiming they were too volatile following huge price swings pushed by a Reddit group.

And on Friday, Google appeared to remove nearly 100,000 negative reviews for the Robinhood app after outraged investors bombarded the stock-trading startup with complaints., according to the NY Post.

And now, controversial writer Candace Owens has waded into the argument after Google appeared to silence critics of the trading app.

Owens tweeted: "Have they started referring to Redditors as domestic terrorists and deleting their profiles by the millions yet?

@That’s always my favorite part."

In a follow tweet she said: "Also— have they connected this somehow to Donald Trump and white supremacy?

"Because the rise of white supremacy is um… definitely to blame."

GAMESTOP and AMC shares plummeted on Thursday after Robinhood and WeBull blocked "Reddit rally" as politicians slammed the move to help Wall Street.

On Thursday morning, GameStop shares fell by more than 50 percent.

News of plummeting stocks came after the Robinhood app stopped trading in GameStop and AMC early on Thursday.

Amateur traders then urged each other online to leave negative reviews for the app in the Google Play Store after Robinhood froze trading on shares.

As of Thursday Robinhood’s Android app had a one-star rating based on nearly 275,000 reviews on Thursday

But by midday Friday the number dropped to 176,000 by midday Friday as Google apparently purged the bad reviews, bringing Robinhood’s rating back up to roughly four stars.

Robinhood – a popular app among amateur stock traders which was founded by Baiju Bhatt and Vlad Tenev – offers trading tools, stock tips and even a cryptocurrency exchange where users can invest in Bitcoin.

WeBull, a financial services company, also took matters into their own hands and blocked clients from opening new positions in AMC, GME, and KOSS stocks.

However, as of 2.35pm on Thursday WeBull shared an update to Twitter, announcing: "GME, AMC, and KOSS are no longer restricted."

On Friday, after the company eased its restrictions on GameStop and other stock, Robinhood users continued to give one-star reviews for the app.

One person wrote: “Would give zero stars except apparently google has been removing tons of the 1 star review."

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