California border commuters kept waiting as migrants flood crossings: report

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Matt Bassett, former HHS assistant secretary for legislation, breaks down the cost of the migrant influx on ‘Fox News @ Night.’

U.S. workers who commute to Southern California from places in Mexico like Tijuana have reported excessively long wait times at the U.S.-Mexico border, according to a report.

The delays are reportedly due, at least in part, to the increasing numbers of non-citizens attempting to pass through the ports of entry. 

One commuter recently waited as long as seven hours to cross the border, he told Border Report. 

“Day after day, it’s grueling, it’s horrible, slow, painful, time-wasting. What can I say?” Jose Ortiz, another commuter, told the outlet.

Cars wait in line to enter the U.S. at San Diego’s San Ysidro border crossing in Tijuana, Mexico. (Associated Press)

The number of migrants trying to cross into California at border crossings rose 51% last month, up to 1,632 from 1,081 in March. 

“It’s very important [Tijuana] people get to San Diego for the economy, for family, for everything,” commuter Alvaro Rudas said. “The line is crazy bad.”

Many of the migrants are coming from countries other than Mexico, according to Border Report. 

The number of migrants coming to the U.S. border has surged to record numbers since President Biden took office in January. 

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