Busy mum-of-three explains how she plans an entire year of meals in advance

An organised mum-of-three has revealed she plans all her family's meals in advance for the entire year.

The meticulous parent from Queensland, Australia, also ensures she runs a tight ship household with a second detailed 12-month schedule for chores around her home.

She said her meals are cooked from scratch and includes dishes such as stroganoff, lasagne, meatloaf, bacon pasta and ravioli, Mail Online reports.

The working mum has listed a chore next to each meal to show what needs to be done and in which particular room.

On the 'blank' days in her schedule the family will eat something from the freezer, there is a celebrations like a birthday happening or they family will "wing it that week".

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She posted her schedule from January to June in a Facebook group saying it will be repeated for the second half of the year.

She said: "I wanted to share some things that have made the start of my year a little easier.

"One – a dinner plan for the whole year… Two – an area to clean or tidy each day (larger areas on my days off) and three – lunch prep."

The busy mum said she prepares and cooks 120 lunches in advance for her kids which makes school mornings easier

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Before she drew up the schedule she said she was stressed about what to cook each day and to save time and money, she does all her grocery shop using the 'Click and Collect' facility.

"As I know what I need from the meal plan so save money," she said.

However she said there are days when she doesn't stick to the plan but she will make up for it by cooking on a day when she isn't working.

Her robust schedule was met with praise and admiration by other mums in the Facebook group.

One commented: "Wow. I do a weekly plan but this is phenomenal. You've inspired me to try something similar."

Another said: "I plan every week depending on what my kids want or if I come across new recipes and depending on the weather.

"During rainy days something spicy tangy is cooked in our families. Sunny days n chilly days are different. But this is mind blowing."

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